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Hi Ida
It looks like I am on a work path.... I will start next Tuesday at an
environmental firm, for two months as a subcontractor working in their
office, with option to review and become a fulltime employee then.

I contacted them, because I was intrigued with the work they are doing. I had worked with the owner of the firm when I started out, and he remembered me a bit.

All of the preparatory work I did at Comset and at home taught me alot about the world of business, how to build and maintain your own schedule, how to reach out for help, how to keep in the mix and see what's happening, and realize that it is a step along the path, and you share that path with many other people.

Thanks again, I'll see you on Monday with the required celebratory fare.

C. 06/08
Hi Ida,
Nice to hear from you. Hope your summer is going well. I'm
enjoying my new position as a transplant social worker at Westchester Medical Center. Thank goodness! Stay in touch and be well.
Joanne 8/06

Just wanted you to know I'm really enjoying the Monday night meetings.  Actually, I find myself looking forward to them.  See you week in two weeks (so sorry Monday's a holiday). 

"Comset has been of enormous value to me, providing invaluable advice, and giving me the tools to get the right job. Ida Davis is  insightful, direct, and a great professional coach. I highly  recommend Comset."  
Ida - I asked the question you suggested at my second interview
about Wireless in the company. They had to offer me the job with  such an informed candidate.  I start next Monday.

And, isn't it so cool that I have found the job I wanted and the right match,that gives me room to grow both personally and professionally, and that is so much fun.  I couldn't be happier!

~~~~ Sandy ~~~~  6/05

Ida Davis                                                                           
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