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Access to useful business statistics can help individuals research business and industry trends.

Get quick answers to the total number of us businesses, the total size of the us market by industry as well as industry bench marks at

The site offers a free benchmarking tool by industry that provides national average results of US sole proprietorships and does not include operating results for corporations and LLC’s and larger entities.  These are national averages only, individual results will differ and the differences may not be significant.


National Business Statistics


Size of U.S. Markets by Industry

Total Number of U.S. Businesses   

Largest Employers by Industry

Summary of US Employment 1990-2000

Average Sales per Store Location

Rules of Thumb for valuing selected Businesses

Safest & Riskiest Small Businesses

Number of Businesses by Revenue Size

Number of Corporations by Industry

Number of Proprietorships by Industry

Industry Profitability - Corporations 

Industry Profitability - Sole Proprietorships

Current Ratios & Balance Sheet Ratios by Industry

Debt to Equity Ratios - Corporations

Inventory Turnover Ratios by Industry

The Most Popular Small Businesses  

Debt to Equity Ratios - Corporations (prior year data)

Number of Partnerships by Industry

Return on Equity by Industry  (prior year data)

Small Businesses most sensitive to rent costs

S-Corporations: Operating Ratios - Service Industries

S-Corporations: Operating Ratios - Other Industries

S-Corporations: Operating Ratios - Retail Industries

Number of Businesses by State

S-Corporations: Operating Ratios - Other Industries

Employee Productivity - Accommodation & Food Services

Employee Productivity - Retailing Industries

Employee Productivity - Wholesale Industries

Employee Productivity - Professional & Technical Services

Employee Productivity - Construction Industries

Employee Productivity - Publishing, Software & Communications

Employee Productivity - Consumer Services

Employee Productivity - Health Care Industries

Employee Productivity - Real Estate & Equipment Rentals

Legal Services Available


Legal Services of the Hudson Valley



This organization serves the Westchester Community and offers individuals assistance with non-criminal legal problems that can lead to larger social problems if not dealt with regardless of income.


Other Tools You Can Use


Protect and Remember your Passwords


Store your log-in information free at or  For sensitive log-ins that you would prefer to store on your own computer, there’s password-manager software.  Handy Password and Roboform Pro each run about $30.  Store 25 entries free with Password Agent Lite (  If you’d rather not register for a free Web site, “borrow” a user name and password at

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