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Conductive Education

Conductive Education was developed by Professor Andras Peto who established the Peto Institute in Budapest, Hungary.

The Peto Institute is internationally recognised for its success in educating people with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and other motor disorders.

Conductive Education is a complex and holistic system, with the aim of improving all areas of the child's development, including his or her emotional, social, cognitive, communications and motor skills.

Our Profile

The Conductive Education Unit is a licensed, Early Childhood Centre catering for children with motor disorders aging from 6 months through to 6 years.

The major direction of this Education Centre is the Conductive Education Philosophy, however we are committed to the New Zealand curriculum.







The unit is sited on Naenae Primary School and has follow on facilities for children to continue with Conductive Education at the school once they reach school age.

The programme is organised by trained Conductors with the assistance of New Zealand trained support staff.

Management of the unit is by Conductive Education Wellington Trust, funding is partly provided by government resources and partially by private funding.

Contact Information 


              04 577 3480


              04 577 3478

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Wheatly Street, NaeNae
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General Information: conductive-ed-wellington@paradise.net.nz

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