~ Pina Conti ~ The World's Greatest Contortionist ~
Pina Conti
~ The World's Greatest Contortionist ~
Acrobatic Contortion Soloist / Actress / Model

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Pina Conti is based in Australia
Pina Conti is based in Australia

Moon & Stars For Pina! In all areas there will always arise a few great individuals who take an art-form, a discipline, a sport, a science, or another speciality to new and great heights. In science there was Einstein, art had Michelangelo & Vincent van Gogh, sports remembers Jim Thorpe & Babe Ruth... In the Beautiful Performing Art of Acrobatic Contortion there is one performer who combines incredible beauty, the warmest stage presence, boundless acrobatic skills, and a smile that could melt an iceberg into a show that puts her into a class by herself. This amazing performer is Pina Conti.

Moon & Stars For Pina! Purely as an Acrobatic Contortionist, Pina's superhuman abilities will astound even the most sophisticated audience. She winds, folds, and contorts her wonderfully fit physique into and out of seemingly impossible positions.

Moon & Stars For Pina! Pina's acrobatic abilities by themselves rank her amongst world class performers. However that is only half of what she has to offer. The beauty and warmth she communicates to her audience brings feelings of appreciation and contentment. Her innocent smile, graceful mannerisms, and gentle movements make everyone from small children to their grandparents absolutely bristle with happiness.

Moon & Stars For Pina! Whether you want to really put on a memorable show, or just have Pina catch the customer's eye like no other model can, Pina can do the job! Pina is available for Corporate Shows, Business Conventions, Launches, Cabaret-Dinner Venues, Five Star Hotel Floorshows, TV Special Guest Appearances (local-national-international), TV Movie Roles-Appearances, Global Cinema-Film Cameo Appearances, Fashion Show Openings, Trade Shows (local and abroad), Casino Show Contracts, Commercials, Billboards, Catalogues, Commercial Advertising Stills, etc.... Additionally, Pina is available as a Fitness Model, Swimsuit / Bikini Model, Sports Model, etc....

Moon & Stars For Pina! In summary, when you want a performance that will leave an impression that will last a lifetime or whenever you need a contortionist / fitness / bikini / sports model with a BIG difference to represent your company; the answer is simple and clear: Pina Conti.

This website was graciously created and is maintained by Pina's International Agent and Liaison... Joseph A. Botta. I am available via my phone (973) 305-1038 and/or e-mail joebody@erols.com