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Bilderberg Conferences

Are those that criticise Bilderberg anti-Jewish?

[This site campaigns for a press conference at all Bilderberg venues - and a declaration from the steering committee that any consensus reached must be in our public, not their private interest]

Bilderberg meetings consist overwhelmingly of non-Jews, so how could any serious critic paint Bilderberg as a Jewish cabal?

"But how could anyone, the ADL or The Spotlight consider Bilderberg to be a Jewish issue? Hardly any of the Bilderbergers are Jews. This really should disqualify them from being a Jewish conspiracy." Jon Ronson, Secret Rulers of the World, The Bilderberg Group, Channel Four TV, 27Jun01.

One of the first things anyone from the 'left' anarchist, communist or socialist traditions who criticises Bilderberg encounters is the accusation of being taken in by - or even being in league with - anti-Jewish forces from the extreme right. (The expression Anti-Semitic is not helpful, since most Jewish people in the West are not Semitic. They are Eastern European Jews not Middle Eastern Jews. see below)

Here is an example of an anonymous message forwarded to me 23Aug01:

>>One Tony Gosling has been
>>following their progress his web site,>
>>Yes, the same Tony Gosling who promotes the nazi David Irving on his site,
>>famous for denying the Holocaust and for stirring up fascist skinheads in
>>Germnay and England to burn Black children in their homes. Strange behaviour
>>for an "anti-fascist", isnt it?

The claim to be in league with the extreme right is one few 'lefties' who come across Bilderberg expect and even fewer can be prepared for. There certainly are hateful racist lies coming out of the extreme right, even relating to Bilderberg. But to assume that anyone who analyses the Bilderberg institution is somehow taking the same analysis is lazy reasoning, in fact it is not reasoning at all. This phenomenon is known as contamination and charted fully by Robin Ramsay at Lobster Magazine (see below) and others.  

If you ever see such allegations flying around the internet please let me know at so that I can consider legal action.

Since the publication of Jewish writer Norman G. Finkelstein's book 'The Holocaust Industry' (Verso, 2000, ISBN 1-85984-773-0) it has become a matter of public record that a number of faked accounts of Nazi attacks on Jews have been (if unwittingly) promoted by some within the Jewish community. This makes an important point that to question the 'historical record' is not, necessarily, to be anti-Jewish.

Fast Facts: Are critics of Bilderberg anti-Jewish?

My unanswered emails and letters to the Board of Deputies of British Jews

06May01 - Vitriolic Email from 'Lisa Taylor'

19Apr01 - Disinformation - '....we must be being infiltrated. But by whom?'

01Apr01 - Disinformation-Eric Lee co-ordinator of Labourstart, accuses Tony of promoting the far right

04Mar01 - Disinformation - The Thought Police followed by Tony's reply

'Critics of the Bilderbergers are anti-Jewish' and other lazy thinking

22Feb01 - The Guardian - Unfounded accusations of Anti-semitism co-ordinated on the internet

16 reasons - why everyone should be concerned about Bilderberg

Is The Spotlight racist?

Critics of Bilderberg must be Conspiracy Theorists - further discussions

Websites of those who have falsely accused me of being anti-Semitic

30May02 - Email from Jewish guy on the whole issue

Fast Facts: Are critics of Bilderberg anti-Jewish?

Whistle-stop overview

Anti-Semitic or Anti-Jewish?

No, it’s not just me being pedantic, the term Anti-Semitic really is more confusing than helpful. It is used by many to mean Anti-Jewish and is used by the Anti Defamation League and the mainstream press as an interchangeable term which it is not. Semitic is not a religious but a racial term identifying peoples sharing specific languages in the Middle East, West Asia and East Africa. Many modern Jews have racial origins in Eastern Europe and are therefore not Semitic, yet they are presumably just as Jewish as Semitic Jews.

The term Anti-Semitic is of little use now, here’s one reason why: since the influx of non-Semitic Jewish migrants to Israel there are more Semitic Arabs than Jews in the Middle East.

The World Bible Publishing 'Short Dictionary of Life and Peoples of Bible Times' gives the following description under the Semites entry: a group of nations, who, starting about 3000BC, appeared in Western Asia, south of modern Armenia and west of Iran. Semite nations included Babylonians, Assyrians, Syrians, Canaanites, Isrealites, Ammonites, Moabites and Edomites.

False anti-Jewish accusations from the ADL - the most despicable crocodile tears

ADL web page 'debunking the Bilderberg myth' stating that the Bilderberg Conferences are legitimate business meetings and in no way attempt to bring about a New World Order

The Anti-Defamation League, based in the US, claim to be on the look out for Anti-Jewish racists. No doubt they do help in the search for hiding war criminals... but why are they defaming those who are not Anti-Semitic? Losing court cases for defamation against the ADL? Their publication ADL International Notes accuses many of Anti-Semitism and how many of these accusations are tested in court? Many of those accused never get to see the allegations made by ADL and of those that do only a tiny number can afford to persue legal action against them. After five-and-a-half years of fighting one Denver couple were recently awarded $10million compensation for being falsely accused by the ADL of Anti-Semitism.

As if blind to the murderous effects of international capitalism the ADL actively promote the innocence of Bilderberg: Gail Gans, one of their spokespeople explained their position in the Jon Ronson programme The Secret Rulers of the World series on Channel 4 in May 2001:

"The Bilderbergs have been coming together for a large number of years. There's nothing in the public record that shows that they have any control whatsoever on governments."

She hasn't seen the evidence of Heads of State and European Commissioners that have been interviewed or simply groomed at Bilderberg then. Their rise to power is purely co-incidental.

Gail Gans also accuses The Spotlight magazine of using 'codewords' for Jews:

"Frequently they [Spotlight] refer to Jews as international financiers, they talk about that strange group behind the media or they talk about bankers or cultural industry manipulators."

So we must all beware of using these terms, yes, even the expression bankers lest we are mistaken for meaning Jews! How utterly absurd. All these terms have been invented by Spotlight, we are told, simply to avoid direct accusations of being a Jewish cabal. One small factual problem Ms Gans, Bilderberg is not a Jewish organisation.

Alex Jones, from has another view of the role of the ADL:

"A bucket of black paint and a brush, that's the ADL"

The Board of Deputies of British Jews rightly guard against false accusations which ‘cheapen’ the legacy of the serious racial hatred perpetrated against Jews and others in Nazi Germany.

Jewish-hate thought and literature is an area of discussion where the accuracy of information needs to be carefully checked and substantiated. If groups or individuals, particularly if anonymous, are mud-slinging and/or crying wolf their frivolity must be taken seriously and investigated. It is not an appropriate legacy to those Jews corralled, herded and executed by the Nazis that such Crocodile tears go uninvestigated.

In 1999 Australian magazine (with UK and US editions) Nexus was accused of anti-Semitism by an Israeli website which supposedly keeps an eye on such matters. The accusation falsely claimed that the Jewish Board of Deputies had condemned the magazine for anti-Semitism.

The dissemination of false Bilderberg participation lists that contain mostly Jewish names is a graphic example of literature which needs a thorough investigation

The Jews: a race or a religion?

The answer is both. The Jewish faith is founded on the Torah, or Old Testament law given to Moses by God. The Ten Commandments of Leviticus and Deuteronomy etc. As well as this the sayings and writings of respected Orthodox Rabbis, the Talmud, is considered God-inspired. There are two versions of the Talmud, the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud. In Orthodox Judaism the Babylonian takes precedence.

Orthodox Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah prophesied by Moses and others in the Old Testament and are still waiting for that Messiah to appear. Messianic Jews do believe Jesus was the Messiah. There are many Jews who don’t follow their family religion and/or have married out of the faith, the latter of which can cause deep divisions in some Jewish households.

Jew, Semite or Zionist?

The term Semite has already been rejected as inappropriate since it refers mostly to non-Jews.

Zionists are conservative, right-wing Jews, who campaign zealously for the secure establishment of Jews in Palestine, in the newly-formed state of Israel. The Zionist movement was founded by Hungarian born Austrian writer Theodor Herzl (1860-1904). His pamphlet Der Judenstaat, published in 1896 advocated the establishment of an Orthodox Jewish state in Palestine.

The Zionist movement had a major success during the First World War with the Balfour Declaration (1917), in which the British Foreign Secretary, ex-Prime Minister and 1st Earl of Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, declared the British Government, who then controlled Palestine, would help further their cause. Provided, that  is, the rights of "existing non-Jewish communities" in Palestine were safeguarded.

Zionists today tend to be racist. They attempt to justify the theft of homelands from Palestinians, Lebanese and other Moslem nations, notwithstanding resolutions of the United Nations, as ‘security precautions’.

Isreal in the 21st Century is an apartheid nation. Zionists have become bitterly militaristic and racist. As such, their philosophy and actions must be effectively criticised. In April 2001 A Zionist Rabbi is on record as saying that it is the divine duty of every Jew to kill Palestinian Arabs.

Is Bilderberg Jewish?

Henry Kissinger, a key Bilderberg figure is a Jew of Eastern European origin. This is nowhere near enough proof to say that Bilderberg is a Jewish organisation!

Jim Tucker

Freelance writer Jim Tucker is right wing. He sees himself as a ‘Patriot’ having faith in the correct operation of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. He sees America as a country whose most important public offices, under the Constitution, have been taken over by grasping men. Though he has been accused of being a ‘Nazi’ Jim is anything but.

After a career that saw him with positions of responsibility in more mainstream newspapers he was asked by Spotlight to do occasional updates on the Bilderberg Group. He couldn’t quite believe such a powerful group of people could meet without the media knowing or commenting. When he discovered indeed they could, he determined to expose them. Jim is not only the most dogged Bilderberg chaser in the world he is also an insightful and entertaining writer.

Taboo subjects:

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Though commonly referred to as anti-Jewish this document is in fact anti-Zionist. The protocols were supposedly leaked in the early 1900’s - they have been banned in some countries - expounding a Zionist programme for world domination. There are several traditions of criticism of this document.

Some elements, led presumably by Zionists or other Jews, attempt to suppress discussion of the document, even though it usually leads to the conclusion that the documents are forgeries.

Moslems often quote it as proof the power-mad mentality of the Israeli right-wing. Free and open discussion around the origins of these documents is to be encouraged. Well-known book ‘Warrant for Genocide’ attempts to prove the Protocols to be a forgery.

Decide for yourself whether you think the links below are a first step towards discerning the truth, or to racism. Links to several sides of the argument.

Leon Zeldis, FPS, 33° - PSGC, Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite for the State of Israel - Honorary Adjunct Grand Master - Editor, The Israeli Freemason - More than once in the course of the last two centuries, anti-Masonry has been fused with an older hatred, hatred of the Jews, that is to say anti-Semitism. Probably, the irrational nature of both phobias facilitates their juxtaposition. Be that as it may, from the middle of the 19th Century, we are witnessing an increasing wave of simultaneously anti-Semitic and anti-Masonic propaganda. Possibly, the paradigmatic work of this class of "literature" is an opuscule entitled "The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion" sometimes also known as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

World Conquest Through World Jewish Government The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion -

Keeping Your People Down, Fascists, Football, Ecstacy and Gladiators. Control the Media; Separate Politics From Everything Political; Create New Ideals; Create pointless pastimes; Hold the moral highground and create Catholic-style guilt complexs; Maintain a Steady Drugs Supply.

Studying the US Political Right-General Bibliography - Antisemitism -

One man's master plan for world domination

Jews returned as prime candidates for Satanic collusion after circulation of the forged anti-Semitic propaganda tract, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the root source in this century of anti-Semitic allegations of a vast Jewish conspiracy

The document known now as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is one of the most important documents ever to come to light in the world. In fact, it can be described as the blueprint for the domination of the world by a secret brotherhood.

Comments in the following text related specifically to ‘the Jews’ which superficially seem to implicate all Jews do not reflect my own attitude to this issue as I have already established. However, these were the words of those individuals quoted and of the publishers who presented the following document many decades ago, and I hesitate to censor them. This document is meant to challenge hatred, racism and deceit, not ferment it.

About The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Introduction - by Gordon Fisher - The document known in English as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is, to many people, obviously a clumsy piece of false antisemitic propaganda

Jews in the Media

For whatever reason it seems to be taboo to state that the British national media has a disproportionately large number of Jews on its payroll. This need imply no criticism of gifted Jews who have a solid moral grounding in the Torah but is often taken as such. It reflects the genuine talent in the Jewish community and need not even be a criticism, nevertheless it remains largely a taboo..

"Criticising Jews can be okay"

It shouldn’t have to, but sometimes it needs to be said. Jews are just as susceptible to corruption or misuse of public office as any one else.

The Khazars

The Khazars were an Eastern European nation whose royalty converted to Judaism in late mediaeval times. Explains why many Jews are not of Semitic (Middle-Eastern) origin.

There is a strange anomaly in the tale of the Khazars since, according to Orthodox Judaism no-one can ‘become’ Jewish. It is a faith one must be born into.

Jews and the book of Revelation

Some mistakenly think all Jews believe Jesus Christ was not the Messiah. Messianic Jews such as Bob Dylan believe Jesus was the Messiah.

To complicate things Jesus’ actual name, in Hebrew, was Yeshua and Jews, Messianic and Orthodox rightly prefer to use his actual name. They see, with some justification, the Greek word Jesus as tainted with Gentile anti-Jewishness.

Many Jews believe certain parts of the Old and New Testament to be Anti-Jewish. Some see the whole of the New Testament as anti-Jewish even though Yeshua and his disciples were Jews!

The End of the Book of Daniel, printed in Catholic (not Protestant) Bibles is virtually prohibited for Orthodox Jews to read. The Book of Revelation, written by the Apostle John on the Greek Isle of Patmos, is generally assumed by Jews to be anti-Jewish. One reason for this may be that Jesus, through John, condemns “those who call themselves Jews but are not”. [Revelation 2:9 and 3:9] But as one might expect coming from a disciple of Yeshua the King of the Jews there is no criticism of genuine Jews in Revelation.

What makes you think these people are Jews? A message from

If the bible is true, they and we Europeans are Babelites. By the Bible every Israelite (every Jew of the Bible) was an Arab.

Arab Israeli war? Who were the Israelis? It is quite the joke. It began with a lot of Arabs, about 5% followed "Judaism" and then a lot of hated Europeans began to invade as they fled from Europe. It would be more like the German/Pollock/Russian vs. Arab war.

Anyway...  here is the no spin version From the Ottoman Empire to the European invasion of the Palestinians.  Look to the upper right of this page, there is the option to e-mail this page to your friends or to your self.

Ignorant "Christians" support these false Jews because they think they are getting brownie points with God, but if they would bother to read the scriptures, they would find every Israelite in the Bible was a composite of Arabs and the "Jews" are European Babelites.

After looking at the promise land "Israeli / Arab war" page, go to the home page to trace the identity of the Israelites.

10May01 - Unfounded allegations of anti-semitism must be challenged

The Board of Deputies of British Jews don't consider my work a serious matter

An email and postal letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews - no reply received to date

Jo Wagerman
Board of Deputies of British Jews
Commonwealth Huse
1 New Oxford Street,
London WC1


Dear Jo Wagerman

I have recently been publicly and wrongly accused of anti-Semitism by Eric Lee from the Labourstart website, and others. I wonder whether you are interested in hearing about false accusations such as this?

I critically appraise information from right wing Internet sites (and critically link to them) but I do not have any 'conspiracy' world view as Eric alleges.

I am an environmental and social justice campaigner and journalist that has attempted to present the known facts, not the right-wing conspiracy theories, about the notorious Bilderberg group set up by ex-SS Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

In my view it dangerously cheapens the efforts of good Jewish and Non-Jewish people fighting fascism in all its forms to have these unfounded allegations to circulate unchallenged by British Jewry which is why I have brought them to your attention. I look forward to your considered opinion of Eric's circulation of these allegations.

many thanks

Tony Gosling

Quote from Eric Lee:

I believe that you mislead me -- and others -- when you attempted to distinguish your own conspiracy view of the world from that of the extreme right. Frankly, Tony, it appears that you identify very much with anti-Jewish, extreme Right elements which are correctly perceived by leftists as our enemies.

from my page all about allegations of Anti-Semitism [this very page]

nb. this letter has also been sent by post

06May01 - Vitriolic Email from 'Lisa Taylor'

Subject: Re: [right-left] Oppose racist infiltration of the anti-globalisation movement
Sent: 06/05/01 18:27


I will reply to your last two messages in one here, even though you have answered not a single one of the questions I asked last time.

Peters whined:

<The way Lisa connected various snippets of information together is a classic example of what is wrong with conspiracy thinking: A is 'linked' with B, B is (said to be) facist, therefore A is fascist; 'THEREFORE' anyone who says that something said by A is true is also a fascist, i.e. an enemy i.e. deserving to be silenced/exterminated.>

Why dont you stop the shit, and speak in plain terms, Professor. This is not an algebra class. There is no A, B and there is no C. There are real, concrete people, real organisations I have referred to. So, say out loud who are the A, B amd C in your puzzle? Who is "said to be" fascist, (and, as you imply), is not really so? Do you think that Spotlight are not fascist? Do you say Irving is not a fascist? Who are you referring to? Say what you mean, you coward!

Also, do not think that people on this list will not detect a sub-text in the way you have used the word "exterminated" against me. Your message is similar to the message of the screwed-up Ronson - you want to imply that the antiracist movement is as bad as the "nazis" , that antiracists are out to "exterminate" indiscriminately and that we "deny freedom of speech just like the fascists".

Well I tell you something, I think that anyone who is a hard-core nazi deserves to have his freedom of speech shoved right up his arse, and then to be exterminated with the same loving care and compassion that Mengele gave to his victims. And if you do not like what I say, Professor, you can fuck yourself.

Peters whimpered:

<I am not going to respond to the histrionic virulence of your message. Your moral self-righteousness is alarming and the 'violent' imagery of your language is offensive and personally threatening. You have no right to speak to anyone whom you do not know in such a tone. It is the kind of rhetoric associated with fascists.>

Yes, you are giving yourself away here, professor again. The antifascists are fascists, right?. And what about the reverse, professor? Do you think that people like your mate Gosling are the true democrats, cherishing freedom of speech of people like Irving, so he can go over to Germany and incite more brainless nazis to burn Kurdish and Turkish children alive in their homes? Or the "right" of Gosling to say that the Protocols "may" be true (ie the Jews may really be in a secret plot to dominate the world). Fuck you!  [even if there is some truth in the protocols, highly unlikely, it would only implicate a small cabal not all Jews - use reason not emotion, TG]

<You have no right to speak to anyone whom you do not know in such a tone. It is the kind of rhetoric associated with fascists.>

I will talk to you in any way I like. And by the way, you are wrong. Some fascists swear and shout. And some talk in very cultured and polite tones. Some are skinheads with Doc Martens and tattoos. Yet other fascists are upper-class English "gentlemen" who take tea at four. Yet they always stand loyally, some by intention, some unaware in their pig ignorance - loyally in service of capitalist masters.

<How can one research corporations unless we are allowed (by thought-cops like you) to investigate....?>

Did I say we must not investigate? Investigate whatever you want. But dont you dare tell us to treat fascists as legitimate sources of "information".

<PS Your own reference to Ronson as a 'money-greedy journalist' could itself be seen as evidence that your own thinking is infected by anti-semitism. >

Sure. You are providing a lot of comic entertainment for us on this list.

Look you arsehole, I am Jewish, I am the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, I have spent my entire political life fighting racism and fascism. I have been accused of spending TOO MUCH time fighting antisemitism, to the extent that it is affecting my health and my family. I will forward your accusation to my friends, so that they can have a good laugh.

Now look Peters, my people, the Jewish people, are neither any better, nor any worse than anyone else. We have great people, great scientists and doctors, and also great working-class people who are heroes in their ordinary lives. We also have screwed-up Jews, idiotic Jews and those Jews who will do anything for money. And these last three certainly describe Ronson.

You are defending Gosling, a pig who tells everyone that the Jewish people "may be" running an international financial conspiracy to subjugate the world. You defend him as a friend. Then you accuse me, a Jew, of antisemitism, because I criticise a Jewish journalist who makes friends with nazis?! Are you out of your bloody mind?

Peters croaked:

<You yourself also 'personify' capitalists like Milliken in a way I recognise from fascist writing. The level of analysis (goodies versus baddies) and the assumption that physical violence is the optimum way of settling all disagreements is appalling.>

Do you like Milliken, Professor? You ignored all the questions I asked you in my last message. Perhaps you will answer this one?

Yes, I have got an analysis in which there exist "goodies and baddies". Goodies are those who fight for the overthrow of capitalism, to establish a just and humane society for ALL, regardless of colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation etc etc.. Baddies, are capitalists, who want to maintain this oppressive system, and also the racists and fascists who do their dirty work for them. You do not like my approach. What then, is yours?

Is Milliken a "goodie" or a "baddie" for you? You claim you want to expose the truth about a number of billionaires. Good. But why does it bother you so much when I criticise THIS PARTICULAR American billionaire? Have you got a special soft spot in your heart for him, Professor? It seems very strange.

<the assumption that physical violence is the optimum way of settling all disagreements is appalling.>

Did I say that all disagreements should be settled with violence? Never! I simply said, that the best education for a hard-core nazi is done with a baseball bat. Perhaps you remember the famous quote by Hitler, something to the effect "if they had crushed me when I was still small". Well, many people believe he was right. And of course he was. If Hitler and every other nazi organiser who stood up in the German beer-kellers to incite racial hatred had received some of this baseball bat therapy, there would never have been a Third Reich or a Holocaust, would there?

<Your demand for total agreement as a condition for discussion is intolerable and totalitarian.>

What total agreement. I demand total agreement with a few basic things, yes.

I demand total agreement that we do not ever give credibility to fascists, yes. I demand total agreement that we do not promote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Have you got a problem with these things, Professor? Have you?

Lisa Taylor

'...we must be being infiltrated. But by whom?'

An exchange of emails during April 2001 on the subject of Bilderberg, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and Anti-Jewishness - last email first.

Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:36:44 +0100
To: Bristol Activists List
From: Tony Gosling <>
Subject: Institutional Analysis or Conspiracy Theory?

Dear 'Fred'

Bilderberg is not a Conspiracy Theory.

It is an established institution that can be calmly and factually analysed.

It is convenient for the rich and powerful that people like you attempt to ridicule serious study of Bilderberg.

If the links (which are nothing directly to do with the Bilderberg research I do) to the protocols were just 'crap' I wouldn't have put them there.

Since I have nearly 1200 links I'm sure every single person on this list would find something they disagree with.

And I stress again, anyone who thinks I might be an anti-Semite please make your own mind up by talking to me or looking at the site.

And see my page on the fallacious notion that Bilderberg is a conspiracy theory and on these bitter ongoing (invariably anonymous) slurs [this page]

As for panic posting articles??? Does it not help to see where my head's at? I have been posting bits and pieces ever since joining the list. And I felt it would be good to raise the information rather than disinformation content of the list.

Had you noticed, for example, that Bilderberg was devised in 1943 by the same people and at the same time as NATO? I don't expect you to answer that question because I don't think you really care.

by the way, who are you?

Note: Since the publication of Jewish writer Norman G. Finkelstein's book 'The Holocaust Industry' (Verso, 2000, ISBN 1-85984-773-0) it has become clear that some people have been promoting, in school curricula, faked, forged accounts of the Holocaust. - this book highly recommended.

I suppose he's an Anti-Semite too?


0117 953 1256

At 07:16 PM 18/04/2001 +0100, you wrote:

So the answer to my question is yes then? It is the same Tony Gosling.

The thing about conspiracy theories is that you can't disprove them. So aliens might be running the US from bases under the Nevada desert. Clinton may be an illuminati. Kennedy might have been shot by the CIA. The world might be run by a coterie around Bilderberg. And Gosling might be an anti-semite. How do we know?

He appears to be hung by his own petard. That's what you get for producing popular, publicity seeking journalism init? These are tricky times for anti-capitalists. We know we must be being infiltrated. But by whom?

Tony, mate, take more care and how about an apology, the promise to remove the crap from your site and less excuses? Oh, and posting up loads of stuff about Palestine and Gregory Palast all of a this panic?

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 12:37:31 +0100
To: Fred Fire <>,
From: Tony Gosling <>
Subject: Re: [BrAct] Tony Gosling


This is libelous material Eric's circulating.

To call me an admirer of Nazis - how would you like me circulating an email saying that about you? - you really should check your facts.

I wouldn't dream of circulating such a message unless I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN it was correct. It cheapens a serious area.

One of the main reasons I campaign against Bilderberg - mainly for more public information about and press coverage of the conferences - is because it is a clandestine collection of the richest and most powerful men in the world. It was started by an ex SS Nazi. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands worked for IG Farben - gas chamber poison manufacturers.

I used the Labourstart news headlines because I am a Trades Unionist myself and support the movement, not to 'gain credibility' .

When I got the aggressive birthday message from Eric demanding I remove the links - I replied to it promptly and politely but got no reply from him.

Eric Lee neglected to look at the page I have all about this kind of slur. And containing my explanation of why I think a link to the Protocols of Zion IS justified. Why not read some of the comments on the protocols by Zionists and non-Zionists and make your own mind up. What Eric is trying to do is to drive discussion about the protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Underground.

Incidentally Eric seems to like slagging lefties off that don't see eye to eye with him. He commented to me at the Green Party economics meeting in question that Chris Bailey, Owner of Labournet as an awkward so-and-so.

Labourstart, seems to have been set up[ to compete with rather than compliment Labournet

I've had to put up with slurs like this before - Although it's tiresome I would have thought Eric Lee was more intelligent than to circulate malicious drivel about me being an 'Admirer of Nazis'

I realise Eric is Jewish and many Jewish people believe the Protocols of Zion to be anti-Jewish hate material. In fact their authenticity has never been entirely proven nor disproven and if true, they don't incriminate the Jewish race as a whole. The protocols, if true, are anti Zionist. Zionists are right-wing Jews, some of whom are responsible for the current wave of racism, murder and apartheid in occupied Palestine.

Though I don't think there is much doubt that the Protocols are fake I feel the single link, amongst several hundred links, is justified (there is a warning at the top of the page and next to the link) and was not about to be bullied into taking it down.

I maintain the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are worthy of study which is why I have included links, in the spirit of balance, to sites which both disbelieve and believe them.


At 04:34 PM 17/04/2001 +0100, you wrote:

Interesting letter circulating the net reproduced below. Is this the Tony Gosling expressing concern re: paper sellers? I think we should be told.

Below is an item of interest on the anti-Bilderberg agenda. cheers

Dave Parks

----- Original Message -----

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 4:56 PM
Subject: [UK_Left_Network] Whither Tony Gosling

The letter below is by Eric Lee, who runs the well-known Labourstart site on the net. He has given permission for its further circulation. Basically he has given Tony Gosling the boot after finding that this so-called "Bilderberg expert" and admirer of nazis was using Labourstart's name to add to his left credibility.

The original birthday email from Eric Lee - owner of Labourstart - with my reply

An attempt to scare the left (again) from taking Bilderberg seriously [TG]

Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 07:48:03 +0100
From: Eric Lee <>
Subject: LabourStart and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Dear Tony,

As I'm sure you'll recall, when we sat together on that Green Party conference panel in Leicester last November, I cautioned the audience -- and you -- about the dangers of becoming anti-Semitic when one adopts a conspiracy theory of the world. If I remember correctly, you agreed with me. You are concerned about the Bilderberg group, the Masons, and so on, but you made a point of assuring everyone that you are not anti-Semitic.

Imagine my surprise at discovering that among the "Good Links" on your website is a link to the most famous of all anti-Semitic forgeries, the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". And if this were not enough, your description of the link -- in your own words -- is that this document is "interesting" and "fascinating" and you indicate your own suspicion that it might be evidence of "a Zionist conspiracy" rather than merely "anti-Jewish propaganda".

Though I have not had time to go through all the other links on your page, I understand that several point to the works of well-known Holocaust deniers and other anti-Semites. (Your link to David Irving's site is, fortunately, no longer working.)

It is absolutely unacceptable to us [for 'us' read 'me'] that LabourStart news headlines appear on such a site. I believe that you mislead me -- and others -- when you attempted to distinguish your own conspiracy view of the world from that of the extreme right. Frankly, Tony, it appears that you identify very much with anti-Jewish, extreme Right elements which are correctly perceived by leftists as our enemies.

I have deleted your link from the Labour NewsWire Global Network page and insist that you remove the line of code which provides a Labour NewsWire feed to your page -- immediately.

I am sharing this message with our colleagues in Leicester who invited you and me to that conference. I am happy to see that, at least, they do not link to your website from their own.

Eric Lee


Information and Communications Technology Co-ordinator
Labour and Society International
PGP: Public key - see
Phone: +44 20 83491975, +44 20 83461953
Mobile: +44 77 19420815
Fax: UK - 0870 4022588; Elsewhere - +1 815 550 6904
ICQ: 49624912
Postal address: 51 Briarfield Avenue, London N3 2LG, U.K.



What you say is not quite accurate - Personally I believe the protocols are fakes - not 'forgeries' as you say as that implies they are based on a genuine original document... but your demonisation of me for linking to them shows you want to drive that discussion underground.

And the fact that people like Ivan Frazer, who has just done a study on the protocols, are slandered by some as Nazis does not mean they are Nazis. And cheapens the debate.

The idea that because I have linked to a site I must agree with the site owner is clearly nonsense. I have a link to labourstart but I clearly don't agree with you on everything!

The protocol debate, I maintain, is interesting - why are you so easily offended by this word??

You have totally ignored my warning at the top of the page, why?

You can call me a Nazi too if it makes you feel better. All I can say it is you who are attempting to stamp out free and open discussion.

best wishes,


At 10:10 2/4/01 +0100, you wrote:

>The Protocols of the Elders of Zion contains no "unique information", as
>you well know. It is the most famous anti-Semitic forgery in the world and
>the only people promoting it these days are Nazis. You have still not
>removed the LabourStart news headlines from your page -- this is
>outrageous. I insist that you remove these immediately. We have no
>interest in being associated with you or your website.

Thought Police

04Mar01 - Fascism behind the Mask of Anarchy

Taken from 'Do or Die' publication no.9 pp. 220-221 - this anonymous letter was published in the February 2001 edition of this anarchist journal produced in Brighton.

Dear DoD

I write to warn your readers of a disturbing new political tendency that seems to have recently emerged, which though yet small, deserves to be stamped on swiftly. Others may have notice publicity knocking around for an event called 'The Anarchist Heretics Fair', publicising itself with the strap line "Beyond Left and Right". It was advertised as a forum for the "outsiders and rejects from the mainstream contemporary anarchist movement including neo-medievalists, Goths... anarcho-monarchists, surrealists... neo-pagans, druids, odonists, folk autonomists and the hermeticists anarchist undergrounds." Now, I admit I was tempted by some of this-I'm as amused by ley-lines and secret Marian bunkers under St Paul's Cathedral as the next man, (here it comes...) BUT...

It was fucking dodgey. Among those advertised as attending were: Nexus-an Australian-based New-Age magazine with proven and documented links to the far right....


We must beware of any tendencies within our movement that push in this direction. For example, Tony Gosling of The Land Is Ours runs the website, which collects information on the Bilderberg group, a secret organisation of the rich and powerful. Unfortunately the existence of such a group is like manna from heaven for far right conspiracy theorists and loony tunes of all descriptions, seeming to fulfill all their prophecies. Even more unfortunately Gosling is a Bible-bashing Christian who believes it's all part of a plot by the Illuminati and then goes on to point people in the direction of fascist groups for more information....


If 'anarchist' Wayne John Sturgeon of Albion Awake! can say he is "interested in the growing convergence of the radical decentralist left with the radical decentralist right- in opposition to the globalisation of capital and the neo-liberal free market", then surely we have to do something to distinguish ourselves from that sort of politics. We need to develop our ideas and our actions so that the far right can have no common ground with them- so that no such convergence can ever occur.


NB: The whole thing appears to have been organised by Jonothan Boulter of ...[address, phone number and email given]... Why not drop him a line or something?

Tony's reply

Dear DoD

There are some important inaccuracies in B's letter, glaring to anyone who cares to check out his/her assertions.

B asserts coolly that I believe Bilderberg is "...part of a plot by the Illuminati". Uh?  From the beginning on the website I decided to separate fact and speculation clearly. I even give this Illuminati story as an example of a 'conspiracy theory' therefore out of the scope of my analysis of the institution of Bilderberg.

Bilderberg is not 'secret 'as B asserts, it is secretive. It uses various cloaking tactics such as not telling the press of its venue nor issuing an attendance list until the last Mercedes has left, ensuring the press have nothing to report on.

Links on my website to right-wing sites such as Spotlight come with an appropriate health warning. It would be misleading to pretend criticism of Bilderberg by the right did not exist. Surely better to acknowledge and criticise these sources than to deny them? The fact is Spotlight is the only paper in the world with sources which reveal venues before the event so is an essential ingredient in getting the press to cover Bilderberg. It might also encourage some healthy competition from the left.

B criticises me for being a 'Bible bashing Christian'. Is the Bible no longer considered spiritually acceptable? Are we Quakers now beyond the pale? And more importantly would I get similar criticism for being a Buddhist, a Moslem or a non-Biblical Christian?

Anyway, there are several points that make investigation of Bilderberg a priority for the left.

  1. It is a club for THE richest, most powerful globalisers, transatlantic media barons, bankers and multinational bosses. The Economist described Bilderberg as 'ne plus ultra', or 'the top'.
  2. More than half the (unelected) government ministers for Europe, the European Commissioners, are ex-Bilderbergers.
  3. It was set up in the fifties by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, an ex-SS Nazi Officer exposed in a 1970's scandal for taking a million dollar bribe from Lockheed.

Not surprisingly the most cogent criticism of Bilderberg already comes from a leftist perspective.

If B wanted anarchists and lefties to treat Bilderberg as dangerous right-wing territory to be avoided he, or she, has missed the boat by several decades.

Tony Gosling -

NB: A large letter B is displayed prominently on the windscreens of the chauffeur driven black Mercedes' that bring the fat cats to Bilderberg every year. No wonder B wants to remain anonymous.

Is Criticising the Bilderbergers anti-Jewish?

I steer clear of the expression 'Anti-Semitic' because most Jewish families in the NATO countries are of Eastern European descent and not therefore Semitic (Middle Eastern) Jews. Why Jews and others continue to use the inaccurate 'Semitic' term is a mystery to me. Answers to

See also:
16 reasons - why everyone should be concerned about Bilderberg
Is The Spotlight racist? Are critics of Bilderberg aligned with Spotlight?
Critics of Bilderberg must be Conspiracy Theorists - further discussions

Anyone who thinks criticism of the Bilderbergers is somehow anti-Jewish or Fascist should first take a look at Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who started the conferences back in the 1950's. He also chaired them up until 1975 when he was publicly discredited after being shown to have taken a million dollar bribe from Lockheed. The Prince was a card carrying member of Hitlers hated SS. [reference on this site]

So why the repeated accusations that critics of the Bilderbergers are anti-Jewish? Are the Bilderberg Steering Group entirely from Jewish families? Maybe someone else can start a website on that! I don't care whether they are or not there is no excuse for their obsessive secrecy in such globally powerful networks. The Bilderbergers may leak information to right-wing individuals and groups - such as John Whitley and Spotlight magazine - in order to give credence to this powerful slur. To assume that because some commentators on the Bilderbergers are on the extreme right Bilderberg is not worthy of level-headed examination is simply lazy thinking. I think it makes work I and similar critics do more worthwhile.

I probably don't see half the disinformation and subsequent criticism of my work but I publish whatever I get. I WISH these people, whoever they are would look at what I've written! [examples of disinformation]

Branding all critics of what the prime movers behind globalisation do as anti-Jewish is simply inaccurate. And I don't take it too seriously. Isn't that just the same as saying if you don't support globalisation you must be anti-Jewish. Equally nonsensical.

Here are some non-extreme-right critics:

Hansard - record of British Parliament - on the website and not far right
Patricia McKenna MEP - European Green Party - on the website and not far right
Kenneth Clarke MP - Conservative Party - on the website and not far right
Christopher Gill MP - Conservative Party - on the website and not far right
On Target magazine - Barry Turner - on the website and not far right
Nexus Magazine - Australian - on the website and not far right
The Economist magazine - on the website and not far right - as far as we know
Robert Eringer - book: the global manipulators - on the website and not far right
Alden Hatch's biography of Bernhard - on the website and not far right
Wall Street and the rise of Hitler - Anthony Sutton - on the website and not far right
......the list goes on and on

Check out the material and you can help put paid to the disinformation. It is no accident that the Bilderbergers feed disinformation about themselves to groups that can be ill-informed. Wrong accusations of being anti-Jewish are particularly pernicious slurs that can only eminate from the most twisted sources. Unfortunately some are taken in by it. And let's not be naive, some organisations that put out information about the Bilderbergers may be funded by Foundations of the Power Elite.

TJ - 3rd November 1999

"...false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their licentiousness, and because of them the way of truth will be reviled. And in their greed they will exploit you with false words; from of old their condemnation has not been idle, and their destruction has not been asleep."

2 Peter 2.2-3

See further discussions on this subject which took place during and after the 1998 Bilderberg Conference at Turnberry in Scotland

Unsubstantiated slurs of anyone being anti-Jewish are particularly underhand and need looking into!

In fact, in the case of Nexus magazine there were viscious rumours circulating about the Editor, Duncan Roads.  Even purporting to be condemnation by the Board of Deputies of British Jews. This condemnation later was unveiled as false and the Board of Deputies conducted a serious investigation into who was wrongly using their name.

The purpose of these slurs is to dissuade editors, writers and readers from pursuing lines of enquiry that point to any Jewish malingering . Some Bilderbergers are Jewish yes but someone from a Jewish family is not immune to criticism - neither to the temptation that comes from greed and avarice.

The motives of anyone making such a broad unfounded accusation need to be looked into carefully by Jews and all those who take seriously the Nazi exterminations and round-ups.

Do I want to expose lies and corruption in Mossad/Zionism/Kaballah/The Israeli government? Yes. Is Bilderberg related? Who knows? And I have friends and colleagues who are Jewish that I love dearly. Yes.

Are all Jews immune from criticism? No.

Finally here are Christ's words to the Christian Community in Philadelphia spoken to John:

"Come, I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan, those that call themselves Jews but aren't - on the contrary they are lying - see, I will cause them to come and prostrate themselves at your feet, and they will know that I have loved you."

Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)

Story from Scallywag

This letter is over-generalising but makes some interesting points.[TG]

An Open Letter to Tom Rosenthal


In a full-page article in the Weekend Telegraph of May 16 1998, you, a gentle, considerate, intellectual Jewish publisher, complain that once, when you were a schoolboy, some of your fellow pupils insulted you in a "terrifying manner" by calling you a "Christ Killer." You say that this came about because your father, a German pre-war immigrant Jew forbade you to attend any religious instruction in the school and you would sit out the classes by reading a book in the playground. This was the first of several cases of discrimination you encountered during your education and later in your life as a publisher, most of them of a less serious nature.

At almost exactly the same time of the ultimate Jew-baiting which has obviously stayed with you, while I was myself at secondary school, I struck up a friendship with a school mate whose adopted name was John Martin. He played Cassius to my Brutus in a school production of Julius Caesar. We so enjoyed our roles that long after the production had ended we would go onto Hampstead Heath and re-enact the choicest scenes with great gusto. He often came home with me to enjoy whatever the austerity of the period allowed in the form of tea. One day, rather shame-faced, he told me he could not invite me to his home for tea because his parents disapproved of him having any close friends who were not Jewish. While I found this a trifle odd, I was able to shrug it off. In fact it was the first time I had even known he was Jewish, let alone cared about it. His parents, he told me later, were similar to yours, but from Austria where in 1938 they had flown anti-Semitism and found refuge in London.

In the school summer holidays we would go together on a working holiday to the Purbecks in Dorset where we camped and did haymaking for a local farm. During the days of rationing, farmhouse meals were direct from heaven and we were paid for an arduous day's work with three sumptuous meals and a gallon of cider each. In those idyllic days the Purbecks were still thousands of acres of medieval meadows in which, during the day, the air hummed with an orchestra of insects and at night we could read a book by the light of the glow-worms. Apart from our mutual love of Shakespeare, we also both deeply enjoyed, even bathed in, the wildlife of such a rustic paradise. I only found out later that Martins had lied to his parents about my actual identity.

One day, by chance in the street, John was summons over by a man in a newsagents. The man said: "What are you doing, going with a Goy? A Yiddisher and a Yok? You should be ashamed of yourself." To my surprise, John Martin, aka Cohen, denied our friendship and said he had only just met me. He then walked off in another direction and I did not see him until the next week in school where he mumbled a form of apology. The newsagent had told his parents that he had been seen with me and they had been angry and forbade him to see me again. And that was an end to it. "If we do meet again, why we shall smile. If not then this parting is well made."

The irony of all this only caught up with me much later in life when I began to really understand the "Jewish Problem". There were many Jews in post-war London and my mother knew a wide selection of them. Two old and dignified Jewish ladies lived in my grandmother's vast house in Nassington Road, Hampstead, (where I was myself brought up) and as a kid they were incredibly kind to me. Despite strange accents, one did not think of them as "Jews", merely as sweet old girls who saved their sweet ration for your birthday. It was they, however, who constantly reminded you that they were Jewish. I did not realise the full catastrophe of the holocaust until I saw a horrific film of its consequences when I was 13. Then, naturally, one felt - along with the whole of civilised humanity - a revulsion and guilt, however abstract, that it had happened. The personal guilt that I felt then lasted until the Six-Day War which I witnessed as a newspaper correspondent. The Israeli victory caused within me a great euphoria when a small and vulnerable nation to whom humanity owed a vast psychological debt had stood up to the "Arab Hoards". That only began to erode gradually as I stayed on in the Arab world, mainly in Amman and Beirut, and watched as Israel began a form of genocide against the Palestinians. Only the Jews, I came to think when the State of Israel "celebrated" the fiftieth birthday of their state, could have spent all that time in conflict with their neighbours. It was a savage irony to me to realise that the Jews, themselves victims of millenniums of racist hatred, were themselves the greatest racists.

It became a further irony to realise that the Jews were themselves quite incredibly discriminatory out of choice. They wished to be a race apart and to keep it that way. So did you when you chose to obey your father's instructions and read a book on your own in the playground while the others undertook religious instruction. How could the bible have tainted you? Half of it is a history of the Jews and the other half is an attractive, certainly not dangerous, theological theory. I have studied The Bible, the Koran, Buddhism, Jewish scriptures, and am still drawn in some way to Catholicism. I am also conversant, say, with Karl Marx, Mein Kamph and, come to that De Sade. But it never made me a communist, a fascist, or a sadist. It is not because The Bible would have tainted you, of course, it is because your father, along with most Jews, including Martin's parents, were ardent separatists. As such, I find your paranoid whinging a trifle pathetic.

Jews simply can't have it both ways. Any race which purposely sets itself apart from the rest of humanity by claiming it is "chosen" and therefore elite, should not complain if the rest of humanity accept their wishes and treat them as a people apart. The persecution of the Jews is only a small part to do with the fact that their own politics led to the crucifixion. It is mainly to do with the fact that in any community in which they have found themselves, since the death of Christ, they have created their own form of apartheid. So how is it anti-Semitic for a person to call you "you people?" If it is a matter between "you" and "us", you people have always, literally, asked for it.



Media manipulators

How a north London web-designer began a campaign that deluged the Guardian with emails

David Leigh

Guardian -,4273,4140042,00.html

Thursday February 22, 2001

Why would the Guardian provide moral and medical justification for the multiple murder of innocent Israeli civilians?

It's a pretty bizarre question, but we found ourselves being asked it over and over again this week. Emails clicked in to the letters page by the hundred, all making the same weirdly alliterative points. This followed publication of a Guardian article trying to understand the motivations of the Palestinian bus driver who ploughed into a queue this month, killing eight Israelis.

The mysteriously similar emails - from all over the world - started coming in, too, to our foreign editor; to our website; and to the personal email address of our Middle East correspondent, Suzanne Goldenberg.

They were inconvenient, and also sometimes a bit scary in their violent tone - "The bloody Guardian... Have you killed a Jew today?... Are you anti-Jewish?... Unrelenting Guardian anti-Israel bias... Why would the Guardian provide moral and medical justification etc...?'

This global blitzing was tending to crowd out genuine expressions of opinion from our readers. Our suspicions aroused, we tried to discover what was going on. It wasn't straightforward. But eventually we discovered the trick. A website calling itself was set up in London last autumn.

It has recruited 12,000 subscribers to its database, it claims, all dedicated to fighting anti-Israel "bias" in the media. The aim was to recruit a total of 25,000.

Every time someone writes something they don't like, details of the offending article are circulated round the world, together with a handy form of protesting words, ready to be lightly embroidered and electronically dispatched at the push of a button.

"This is what you should do," they tell their members "Forward it on to the news company concerned at the email address provided. If you can, please change the subject of the email to 'complaint' or something similar."

Their first success, HonestReporting boasted, was with the London Evening Standard. Its columnist Brian Sewell wrote last autumn calling on Israel to "become a multicultural society" and cease exploiting the Holocaust to justify unacceptable behaviour.

"The next day, [we] sent out a letter to subscribers." Standard articles recorded "a wave of complaints... hundreds of Jewish readers have written in". Then "after more pressure" there followed a pro-Israel article by Simon Sebag-Montefiore. "This is an example of what we can do."

And now it was the Guardian's turn to get the email treatment. A long electronic bulletin went out headed: "The Guardian: a mainstream British newspaper consistently blames Israel for everything."

It complained that a Steve Bell cartoon showing Sharon's bloody handprints on the Wailing Wall "encroaches on brash anti-semitism". It complained that a Muslim, Faisal Bodi, had written questioning Israel's right to statehood; and complained that the Guardian had said Sharon had killed the peace process. "No blame is assigned to Arafat." And there too, was our old alliterative friend: "Why would the Guardian provide moral and medical justification...?"

Who was behind this internet harassment? The website gave no address. It had been registered last October under a London name and phone number that seemed not to exist. Eventually, it transpired that it had been set up by a 27-year-old Jewish web-designer from north London called Jonathan. "Don't give my full name," he asked. "Someone was killed in Stamford Hill [the Jewish district] the other day." He and his friends came up with the idea by themselves: "We were just brainstorming."

But the operation was now being funded and run from the US by an organisation concerned with media fairness, Media Watch International.

And who were they? "We're pretty new," says their director, Sharon Tzur, speaking from Manhattan. "It's a group of concerned Jewish business people in New York."

Yet a bit more inquiry reveals that this is not quite the whole story either. For this week's bulletin denouncing the Guardian was in fact composed in Israel by a man named Shraga Simmons.

And when he is not working for HonestReporting, Mr Simmons is to be found employed at another organisation altogether - Aish HaTora. This is an international group promoting orthodox Judaism. "I do some work for Aish," Mr Simmons says, from Israel. And Jonathan, the web-designer who started it all in London, also concedes: "I go to the odd class at Aish."

Aish verge on the colourful in their antics. Founded by Rabbi Noah Weinberg, who complains that "20,000 kids a year" are being lost to Judaism by marrying out, Aish invented speed-dating - eight-minute sessions in cafes to help New Yorkers find compatible Jewish partners. They're widely regarded as rightwing extremists. And they're certainly not people entitled to harass the media into what they would call "objectivity".

16 reasons - why everyone should be concerned about the Bilderbergers

Tony Gosling

Secret clubs of the rich and powerful are bound to arouse suspicion, particularly when the evidence suggests those in power are using it against the public interest. So why should those who investigate the Bilderberg, a secretive club for the world’s most rich and powerful, be labelled as Nazi collaborators?

The argument used to discourage investigation by the left is a powerful one: By doubting Bilderberg’s own story, that they are a harmless talking shop one is aligning oneself with extreme right-wing fascists such as those at the racist Spotlight magazine in the U.S. Also with a ‘loony fringe’ of those like Nexus magazine or author David Icke that talk seriously of UFO’s preparing to invade the Earth and members of the Royal Family ‘shape shifting’ into lizards.

So that’s it. Right-wing Fascists and hunters of the Lizard Men are critics of the Bilderberg Club therefore all critics must be dangerous Nazis, nutters or both.

One look at Spotlight and it’s clear some kind of racism permeates its agenda, even if it is to balance what they see as the imbalance in the mainstream. Spotlight has an uncomfortable hypocrisy: on the one hand arguing that the white elite are running roughshod over democratic institutions and on the other targeting black people who vent their wrath on whites. From a ‘leftist’ perspective not the sort of journalists one would expect to be balanced.

Lycanthropy aside, David Icke has linked Bilderberg to an anti-Jewish document banned in several countries. ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ is thought by many to be a forgery. This links him in closely with the ‘extreme right’.

With such fellow travellers most people and journalists, if they value their reputation and career, will back off. So why pursue the Bilderbergers?


In fact there are some very good reasons why the Bilderbergers should be vehemently pursued and investigated. References to all information can be found on this website

1) There are far more respectable sources that criticise Bilderberg eg. Holly Sklar, The Big Issue, European Green Party, Lobster magazine etc.

2) The argument being extended is one of ‘contamination’ or guilt by association. No-one is right about everything, the contamination argument makes a basic wrong assumption that people are either correct and trustworthy and wrong and sloppy. Since we are all somewhere in-between this is patent nonsense.

3) Jim Tucker, Spotlight’s Bilderberg watcher, has gathered secret information from Bilderberg conferences which has subsequently proved accurate.

4) The Bilderbergers themselves have a greater claim to being Nazis, they were started by an ex-member of the SS.

5) British Prime Minister Tony Blair has gone to extreme lengths to cover up his attendance at Bilderberg after initially having entered his trip in the register of members’ interests. Even to the extent of lying in the House of Commons (in reply to two separate written questions).

6) Criticising the excesses of banks and big business, including the corporate media is one area where left and right are broadly allied. Left and right wing are not simply opposite ends of the political spectrum but groupings around two different priorities both with possibly erroneous assumptions.

7) Links with anti-Jewish groups are tenuous at best. The most incisive criticism of Bilderberg is on their abuse of power. A legitimate criticism of anyone, Jewish or not.

8) Anyone or group of people with control of wealth or other form of power that could be described as ‘vast’ that then seeks deliberately to avoid public scrutiny should be regarded with a healthy suspicion.

9) Bilderbergers claim they are simply a ‘think tank’ yet they lie about who attends the meetings, leaving high-powered participants such as British Prime Minister Tony Blair off the attendance list. As they lie about such a fundamental thing aren’t we right to investigate further?

10) In a world ravaged by the excesses of Globalisation, what Vandana Shiva has called ‘The New Totalitarianism’ any forum which pretends this is the global ‘consensus’ must be regarded with suspicion. They must show themselves able to represent diverse views for that consensus to be valid.

11) Bilderberg prohibits all participants, often against their wishes, from commenting to the press. On one occasion the Greek finance minister was collared by a journalist while jogging at the conference, he finished his apology for not being able to reveal much with: “ critical whatever you write.”

12) National intelligence agencies organise security for these conferences. Why? This is surely not appropriate for a ‘private’ conference.

13) If the Bilderbergers have nothing to hide why do they label the participant lists ‘Not for Circulation’?

14) The bosses of most, if not all, the global news empires are at the conference yet they do not even inform their readers that the event is taking place. Why?

15) On the J18 discussion list, an email list for discussions around a day of action against global capitalism on June 18th 1999 an email was sent out saying critics of the Bilderberg are Nazis. This turned out to have many inaccuracies and to come from a fictional person from a fictional Russian organisation. Clearly deliberate disinformation.

16) Sloppy Journalism - Journalists steer clear of Bilderberg, either because they are told to or because hard information on them has been difficult to source.

17)............the list goes on.........

Is The Spotlight racist? Are all Bilderberg watchers? Make up your own mind. Tony Blizzard for Spotlight and others argue the case.

Spotlight is one of the several alternative media outlets you can find reports on the Elitist and secretive Bilderberg Conferences. One of the papers' freelance writers, Jim Tucker, is regularly the only person in the world to track the Bilderbergers meeting place down before the event. Though Tucker's views are not identical to Spotlight the Spotlight/Bilderberg connection is used in an attempt to discredit ANYONE who attempts to analyse the newsworthiness or wider political significance of these clandestine and extremely high-powered Bilderberg conferences.

Thanks to Tony Blizzard from the Spotlight for these explanations of his magazine's 'patriotic' racism. I have serious problems with The Spotlight's seeming hatred of ethnic minorities - particularly as these people invariably begin life with such a disadvantage in Western countries.

Whatever the ultimate conclusion about it The Spotlight certainly provides an easy to discredit outlet for information on Bilderberg. [TG] Spotlight Magazine:

Why The Spotlight covers Bilderberg when hardly anyone else ever does

From Tony Blizzard -

The Spotlight covers the Bilderberg meetings because it long ago came to the realization that those meeting were the movers and shakers of this world and that shortly after their yearly meetings things in the political and economic worlds moved and shook. On closer examination it was discovered that the agendas presented at the meetings have a direct relationship to those movings and shakings.

The Spotlight has, from the beginning, covered the meetings seriously while the establishment media, handmaiden of the same movers and shakers, either ignored them, presented them as benign, or ridiculed The Spotlight for taking these “good ol’ boy, social get togethers” seriously.

The Spotlight’s editorial policy is that the people of the world have a right to know who it is that manipulates their lives, no matter how powerful these individuals may be.

Is the Spotlight racist? 1

From Tony Blizzard -

The Spotlight abhors the word “racist,” a new addition to the English vocabulary. The word implies that anyone who uses the word “race” as a description of the different peoples of the world is somehow nasty. This is patently ridiculous. The word “race” exists for the very purpose of describing the differences in, well.... races. How else do you say it? If there were no differences, the word would not exist, but it does, for the simple reason that races are obviously different, physically, temperamentally, etc. To say otherwise is to put oneself in denial to those realities.

The Spotlight has black and Jewish writers at times and it has black Asian, Jewish and other ethnic and racial subscribers, worldwide, but it is accused of being “racist” because it is not cowed into political correctness by the likes of the Israeli lobby or any other group that has illicit influence in American (or other nations’) affairs.

It does not blush to say that some races (or other artificially manufactured “minorities”) commit more crimes than whites or are otherwise not always upstanding citizens. And it is not afraid to give whites credit where credit is due - in other words, it has not been conned into self-destructive, false guilt nor into denial of all the accomplishments of white civilization which the whole world clamors to get a piece of.

It’s editors find the hypocrisy of having “civil rights” laws (which are supposed to be totally “color” blind) while at the same time enforcing euphemisms for non-white racial preference, like “affirmative action” and “quotas,” contradictory past the point of insanity.

The Spotlight’s crime is simply in telling it like it is, letting the chips fall where they may. Organizations like the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith don’t like that because, when the truth is published, the “chips” too often fall on such groups which conspire together for mutual gain for themselves and to the detriment of the general population.

Not being in the pocket of any special interest but that of the people at large, The Spotlight doesn’t care who the truth hurts, it cares about telling the truth. This is what the public has always expected from “news” media but seldom received.

Is the Spotlight racist? 2

From Tony Blizzard - Mon, 14 Aug 2000

Well, I'm still just as gung-ho for Buchanan after his vp pick (who sounds just like him), but you must understand that in the US today you are practically a felon waiting for prison if you are a white male.

Racism in this country is the vehicle of all others and it is open season on white males. There is seething hatred of us for no other reason than that we are white males. The discrimination is unending and escalating, to the country's disadvantage. There WILL be a backlash. There always is.

Matter of fact, American women are already discovering that they were lied to and they don't want to compete in the workplace and would be much better off married and raising a family in their home, where they can work at their own pace; choose whatever they wish to do at any time. In other words, be their own boss without the pressures they really can not handle in the workplace. The only women who can really handle the workplace are bitches like my sister. A real pain in the ass to anyone who has the misfortune of working under them as they are totally unrealistic in their outlook and capricious in their dealings with others. Minority men are also having problems in positions they can't handle with lots of suicides.

The bottom line is: Give the job to whoever can handle it and quite violating our laws of free association with forced associations among people who don't want them (on both sides). This is a direct violation of nature's law and necessarily leads to violence. Speaking of violence, the U.S. still has a crime rate about the same as Japan's (very low) if you rate only the whites in the country. Black males are about 6.5% of the population but commit upwards of 70% of all violent crime (fact, not propaganda). --

No, it's not pass misuse, it's the difference in races. That's why they are labeled "races." Matter of fact, black males today have EVERY advantage. Those who use them have just as much problem with those who don't as any white man. Also, blacks are developing a great fear of hispanics, who are going to replace them in numbers shortly if the U.S. doesn't soon get the balls to have national borders again.

Hispanics in general want the advantages of the civilization here created by whites, but they are insisting on bringing their own failed culture with them which, at the same time, they are running from. Two guesses of the outcome of that insane "reasoning."

So is The Spotlight playing fair? - by an Anonymous Guardian columnist

Their justification is worrying in two respects:

1. Equating race with crime is extremely dangerous. All assumptions of this nature have so far been exposed as false, as:

a. They take no account of socioeconomic factors (poverty/lack of opportunity to engage in the legitimate economy)

b. They tend to concentrate on certain categories of crime in which people of different ethnic groups are more highly represented due to factor a. For example, they look at street burglary, but ignore white collar crime (fraud, embezzlement etc) which, because white people have more opportunities to engage in it, happens to be a largely white activity.

2. Take a look at the BNP [British National Party] website, and you will find strikingly similar language and justifications used.

Spotlight's racism - Mike Peters

Dear Comrades

I had better make my position clear. The ‘No Platform for Fascists’ principle has been the consensus most of my political life and I am willing to conform to it, despite its ignorant misuse to throw around the ‘fascist’ label unthinkingly, and the mob-hysteria mentality of rent-a-mob ultra-leftists willing to be used by Searchlight to serve the secret state’s own agenda. All these and other abuses of fashionable ‘anti-racism ideology I am on record as attacking. Moreover, I do not interpret ‘no platform’ as excluding the possibility of ideological debate with people seduced by racist arguments – hence the need for some ‘contact’ of some sort.

Nevertheless (real) fascists and (conscious) racists remain BEYOND THE PALE, as far as I’m concerned. They are the enemy not only politically but in human, moral terms. There is a danger of making excuses and there are (after Auschwitz) no excuses.

I understand the supposed ‘fears’ of white males (I am one myself) but this mentality is utterly useless and really stupid. It’s prevalent in the USA (and increasingly in Europe) largely because of the demise of old-fashioned class consciousness. Fortunately most ‘white’ working class males in the USA have more sense but unfortunately immense historical ignorance.

The fact that Spotlight is the only organ dealing with Bilderberg research is a symptom of the problem we face. They are not, however, reliable (their information cannot be trusted and must be checked independently – Grattan has done more useful work in the last months than Spotlight). Tucker’s research MUST be prised away from Spotlight. Anyone acquainted with the history of the ‘Liberty Lobby’ in the USA cannot fail to see what they are all about.

Speaking of Auschwitz (which I visited only last week for the first time) I recently read Shermer & Grobman’s The Denial of History, which painstakingly takes apart the Holocaust ‘revisionists’ (and has interesting sidelights on Willis Carto) and I recommend this book, if you have the stomach for it. It emphasises, if nothing else, the possibility of discovering genuine facts independently of ideology, which is something (so-called) anti-racists should think about, and which Bilderberg researchers have an interest in keeping clear-headed about.

These issues may not bother you the way they bother me. I despair, for example, at people of the calibre of Chip Berlet saying things like ‘elite research is stupid and always reactionary’. If it really does not matter who is in what position, then why has the left spent so much energy for 100 years trying to get leftists into key positions in organisations? Chip Berlet – it is leftists like you who are saying stupid things and there is no excuse for this either!

Willis Carto set up the Liberty Lobby which publishes Spotlight. He is a fascist (a l'americain) and an anti-semite and is happy to be involved not only with holocaust-deniers (IHR, Irving etc.) but with a seedy underworld including the occultic Moonies and Lyndon Larouche (who are, by the way, financed and manipulated by the CIA). If only on moral grounds, he and his like are nasty and malevolent, and their minds are perverted by hatred & ignorance. Nothing good can come from this discredited milieu.

'Critics of Bilderberg must be 'Conspiracy Theorists'

Tony Gosling - 01Dec99

Many so-called professional people, particularly journalists, pushed for time when faced with evidence of secret meetings of the power elite, like to pigeon hole them as a 'Conspiracy Theory' . It may, for whatever reason, make it easier for them to dismiss difficult-to digest research work but it doesn't bear any relevance to reality.

1. Bilderberg is not a conspiracy, it is one of the central Transatlantic lobbying and 'consensus setting' fora for globalisation and Capitalist Internationalism. It is certainly the most powerful such group in the 'Public Domain'. The major players there regard democratic institutions and the mainstream press as ideological 'competition' to be undermined. Their claim to be setting the consensus goes largely unchallenged by so-called Journalists.

'Press Releases' are issued as the last luminary leaves - nothing, then, for the press to cover at all.  No wonder Bilderberg is hardly covered.

2. There are enough facts around now about Bilderberg for it to no longer be seriously talked about as a 'Theory'.

3. Most people who use the expression 'it's just a conspiracy theory' do not attempt to acquaint themselves with those facts. By treating them as theory they only demonstrate contempt for unpalletable facts.

Unfortunately this means some of the alternative press are - just as the mainstream press - stopping ordinary people from understanding how massively undemocratic and disconnected from public scrutiny the process of globalisation is.

Bilderberg's role is mainly a lobbying one, to pull together powerful, influential people as representatives of 'the other view' to the Globalisation of Capitalism (they usually are of course the least radical people). This is done in an attempt to present them with an awesome view of an illusory 'consensus' of opinion in an attempt to 'get them on board'.

That is not to say that there aren't other, more secretive bodies, that form networks of influence behind the scenes. Eg Illuminati Quotations

Now that is a Conspiracy Theory, Bilderberg is not!

The only hope is for journalists, broadcasters and teachers of all sorts to break the mysterious taboo that hangs over the Bilderbergers and to cast off the labelling of them as a 'Conspiracy Theory.'

Websites of those who have falsely accused me of being anti-Jewish

Lisa Taylor - - International Solidarity with Workers in Russia

Eric Lee - - UK based international 'labour rights' website  [compare this to the excellent - Might Labourstart be a Labournet spoiling operation?]

Dave Parks - - Exeter Left -

30May02 - Email from Jewish guy on the whole issue

To: <>
Subject: Anti-Jewish?
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002


I wouldn't worry about it too much.

As an American Jew, I'd be considered "anti-Jewish." It's simply ridiculous.

Exposing the Elite's conspiracy is a deftly challenging task for me. Most Jews (whether Semitic or not) have no concept of this cabal of tyrants. Most citizens of the world have no concept of it.

Had I not already been of a 'conspiracy' minded person, I'd probably still have my eyes shut.

To identify this as a "Jewish" conspiracy is to be disingenuous to the facts. If said "conspirators" have "Jewish" surnames, this does not make them Jewish anymore than going to church makes Clinton a Christian.

Furthermore, there are equal amounts of other religions (and the same holds true for these conspirators) involved in a plan for global tyranny.

While the Rothschild financial conspiracy is real, so is the intent of globocrats like Kofi Annan, Bill Clinton, and Tony Blair. Last time I looked, they were not listed as "Jewish."

It is the responsibility of all citizens of the world whether they be black, yellow, red, white, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, gay, straight, trans-gender, etc., etc., etc. to throw off the chains of tyranny of a total state for the purposes of freedom.

I care not what a persons race, creed, religion or sexual preference is. (Although, pedophiles should be strung up and shot in the ............. and I resent the Homosexual agenda)

Freedom should be a universal desire and I believe it is. The United States has a disproportionate amount of immigrants trying to enter our nation. Why? Because the potential for the greatest amount of prosperity and personal freedom exists despite the vast destruction of our Constitutional rights over the last century. The U.S. remains the single most free society in the world. (For now)

The individuals claiming that you're "anti-Jewish" are the same ones that have pictures of Trotzky over their mantle. Hell, we have one in the U.S. Congress. His name is Bernie Sanders, (S) Vermont. Yeah, the 'S' is for Socialist.

Check out the JPFO.ORG. The Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership. They're considered 'anti-Jewish' as well. Go figure!

Take care.


Tony Gosling is an ex BBC Radio reporter now working as a researcher and volunteer campaigner with The Land Is Ours, i-Contact video network and Ecovillage network UK