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I recently recieved the following letter.

I have been researching my grandfather (Alex James, from St. Ives) who emigrated to the USA.  At one time he bought 4 shares in the  Cornish Arms Hotel Company; I still have the stock certificate.

I have enjoyed reading about Mr. Sid Blake and the Star Hotel, and Iím trying to learn if the hotel was funded by the stock issue.

My grandfather was the manager of the gas works in St. Ives, and recently I visited there and found that it is now the Tate Museum!  It was designed to reflect the old gas works tanks.  I stood on the museum balcony and imagined that I could see my grandfather walking on the very same spot, almost a century ago.

If you have any other information about Mr. Sid Blake and his Cornish Arms Company, I would love to know about it.  The Cornish Arms Hotel was at 441-443 West 23rd St. in New York.

Many thanks.

Richard Sjolund
Solon, Iowa

I was unable to answer Richard's question about the funding but he kindly sent me a copy of one of the stock certificates which I reproduce above. I know Richard would be grateful if anyone can answer his question so if you have any information please send me an e-mail and I will gladly pass it on.

George Pritchard

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