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The Singer postCards

This set of postcards shows the Singer Building in New York. When the photograph was taken the building was the the tallest building in the world standing 638 feet with 42 floors.The postcards were sent from New York to Cornwall as a set inside an envelope so we do not know when as there is no postmark. There is however a message on the backs of the cards which reads as follows:-

This is from Joe and me to Jack and Clara with fondest love to you all is this a nice building? It is the Singer Building down New York . It is a fine building. 2 girls got up and danced on the top when it was opened, was that great how would you like to be up there dancing 

My fondest love to you 





p.s. you must excuse the paper this week as I have not a bit in the house the children his always taking the paper to write to somebody and then it is thrown away but claud and clara and mary have written a letter to bill and mother so I will send it next week for her I can't send it today as I have no more paper to put in a line this time so i will send it next week.


I purchased the set at a postcard fair in Redruth for the grand sum of 2 which I think was a bargain. 






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