Cheyenne UD-4L Dropship

Crew Compliant :2 (pilot and gunner)
Performance:VTOL(vertical take off and landing)
Max Speed -Upwards of  Mach 12.
Powerplant TF-900 turbines  w/ aft mounted TF-220/A-14 ramrocket engines
Construction: Superlplastic-formed diffusion-bonded metal matrix composites (MMC)
Payload Bay- 9.5m long 4.5m wide 2.4m high  +3.92m wide loading ramp


User Notes :"A variation of the UD-4 dropship, this large cargo-carrying vessel is in use by the USCM. The current model used is the UD-4L "Cheyenne" dropship. The UD-4L has VTOL capability, as well as play a closecombat gunship role. It has a 103.6 cubic meter paylod bay, and has a tri-skid undercarriage landing assembly. The principle framework is made from superlplastic-formed diffusion-bonded metal matrix composites (MMC). The payload bay is 9.5m long by 4.5m wide by 2.4m high, with a 3.92m wide loading ramp which extends from the back of the bay. The loading ramp can easily accomodate a M577 APC (with turret stowed). The spacious pressurized cockpit features two crew positions, one for the pilot, the other for the weapons officer. Both crew sit in ejection seats, certified for use at any altitude below 10,000 meters and speeds below Mach 1. The main fuselage of the UD-4L also features mounting points for the main weapons pods and the secondary weapons bay. The main weapons pods are attached to cross-folded pylons mounted just in front of the ramrocket intake. The UD-4L runs off of two types of powerplants. The main engines are a pair of TF-900 turbines. High-speed high-altitude flight is andled by the other set of engines, which are aft-mounted TF-220/A-14 ramrockets. Top speed of the ramrockets is upward of Mach 12.".
                                                                                                                       USCM Operations   Manual

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