Dragoman UK to Kathmandu trip, 2001

Hey there,
From August to November 2001 I did a trip with Dragoman from the UK to Kathmandu (Nepal).

This is a very early version of a website that will have some of the better photos from the trip - I bought a pocket sized Canon digital camera and took nearly 7000 photos - the camera is nearly dead!
The logo above is an embroidered patch I had made in Kathmandu to go onto my pack (click on it to see a bigger version).

Here is a picture taken in Goreme, Turkey featuring most of the group. We were about half way through the trip at this stage and a number of people were leaving us for a few weeks. Also two people aren't in this photo - Anthony left early and Declan joined later. Click on the photo for 1600x1200 version (1.02MB)

Back L-R: Erin, Lynette, Keith, Jessica, Christine, Elio, Janette, Jamie, Chris, Chris, Craig (me!)
Front L-R: Hannah, Rebecca, Wendy (driver), Michelle, Jim, Kate, Stephen (driver)

Well stay tuned, there will be more photos like these soon. (rollover mouse for comments).
Bogged in sand at Wadi Rum, Jordan - Click for large picture
Giza pyramids, at edge of CairoMe being sillyAbu Simbel, right at the bottom of EgyptOn the road in SyriaTutenkahmen - solid gold!Krak des Chevaliers in SyriaSyrian dusky maidens let their hair downCrazy driving in IranWow great outfit!Taj Mahal is amazing!Keeping an eye on you in Kathmandu..The only 5 people who made it all the way!

Click here for pictures sent from Tall Chris 6/1/2002

Cheers, Craig capugsley@yahoo.com

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