Troy Newman

A Tribute to Troy Newman
By N.Arslan
This is my fan site, my tribute to a Australian singer who's music had a great impact on my life, this however is not a official fan site.

Troy just relaxing with his guitar


Click below to hear Troy Newman's single "Love gets rough" . This single is of Troy's Gypsy Moon album. Hope you enjoy listening to it.

Australian singer/songwriter Troy Newman began writing songs while attending Hollywood Senior High School.
In his earlier  years Troy fronted the Extremists and was a member a popular local Perth band the Boys with Eddie Parise and Frank Celenza, who later moved on to the Baby Animals.
At age 18 Troy moved from Perth to Sydney and signed a deal with Warner Music, which relaeased his 1991 debut album Gypsy Moon. One of its singles, Love Gets Rough, made Billboard's top 100.
Troy Newman also appeared in the musical Bad Boy Johnny and the Prophets of Doom.
Troy was known to be passionate and loved to write songs and play guitar.
About Troys Albums

Troy Newman-Gypsy Moon-EastWest CD .Troy Newman first captured our attention on the excellent debut from 1991 called 'Gypsy Moon'. That album came out of nowhere and had big backing behind it. As the story goes, Troy was plucked from virtual obscurity in his homeland Australia, and shipped off to LA to work in with some seasoned LA session kings, primarily with Waddy Wachtel. 
That album was a great mixture of AOR, pop, and southern tinged R&B.

TRACKLIST: 1. Love Gets Rough 2. Raining 3. God Only Knows 4. Always Time 5. I Can Feel It 6. Whisper 7. Gone Are the Days 8. Drive My Car (Lennon/McCartney) 9. So Deep 10. It Takes Time 11. Gypsy Girl

It took Troy four years to follow that up with 'It's Like This' Album

Troy Newman-It's Like This-Curb CD 1995.This is the second release from Troy.  TRACKLIST: 1. The Missing Years* 2. It's Like This* 3. World Gone Crazy* 4. William Street* 5. Something About You* 6. Rise Up* 7. Carnival* 8. What Is Love* 9. Don't Make Me Ask* 10. Gotta Get Away* 11. I Go To Pieces

In Memory of Troy Newman
I did this page in memory of Troy Newman as I love his music and was lucky enough to have been able to meet Troy briefly in Melbourne at a music store where Troy was signing autographs just after the release of his Gypsy Moon album. Though the store was full of fans, all wanting Troys attention, what stood out for me is the memory that Troy took the time to not only greet his fans and sign the copies of his CD for them, but took the time to answer questions, and to have a chat. I was inspired by his nature, his music and though Troy Newman sadly passed away in Sydney Australia in 1997,  his music still lives on and his spirit still lives on. Troy was a fine Australian musician and this page is in memory of him and his work.

Troy, you shall forever be "raining in my heart"

Troy Newman
Troy on the cover of his Gypsy Moon Album


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