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... March 1, 2002 ...

.... New CYS e-mail is working ....

- The Graphic Image Used On The Banner Is "Nantucket Harbor", a painting by Kerry Hallam -

- Artwork Copyright © Kerry Hallam and Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts -

The new banner graphic is available for download on the "Join" Page Link


          Thank you for your interest in the new CYS SiteRing.  This is your chance to join in on the beginning of an exciting new collection of Sailing and Yachting related websites.  The takeover of Webring.org by Yahoo has led to the dissatisfaction and demise of the few Sailing / Yachting WebRings available.   Before starting this SiteRing, I researched the alternatives and quickly determined that a need existed for a reliable and available sailing-related ring.  My second conclusion was not to use Yahoo. As a result, I found the SiteRing services provided by BraveNet very efficient and reliable.  Having had many positive experiences with them in the past, I was more than pleased to learn that they have recently upgraded hardware and technology.  Please take the time to explore this website and consider making application to join the CYS SiteRing.

    Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


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- Artwork Copyright © Kerry Hallam and Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts -