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        DAR means gift in Russian. It's a gift of communication which would make your visit to Odessa even more enjoyable!

        DAR agency is among the oldest international online agencies in Odessa. Many foreigners from different remote parts of the world come over to Odessa and DAR workers are always ready to serve them. 

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We suggest applying your documents for obtaining a MULTI - VISA, which is more convenient than the tourist visa, business visa, or any other kinds of visa.

If you have this sort of visa, you have all the benefits of Business Visa, but it further enables you to visit Ukraine any time you prefer during three years as many times as you like.  Our Agency is capable of assisting you to obtain a MULTIVISA if you address Nataly, the Manager.

Othervise we advise you to read the following information:
The government of Ukraine has made the procedure of getting business visa more fast, easy and convenient.
According to the Decree # 750 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "Supplement to the Rules of Issuance of Visas for Entrance to Ukraine" adopted on May 05, 2000, visas of such types as C (service), B (business), H (scientific research), K (cultural and sporting events), P (private) are issued for citizens of European Union countries, the United States, Canada, and Japan without granting the appropriate invitation from Ukraine.
Below you can find the explanation about the business visa.

About the business visa.

If you go to Ukraine as a tourist (TOURIST VISA), you should stay only at the hotel for foreign tourists or at the other hotels. But it is more expensive and less convenient.
If you come as a visitor (PRIVATE VISA), you should ask someone to send the invitation for getting entry visa. It will take approximately one and half months to wait. It is the bureaucracies of our countries. That person who will give you the place, where you will stay and who will send a letter of invitation to you, will be checked about one month and will have to pay government fee for this application. Of course, there are expenses for sending those letters as well.
If you will come to Ukraine as a businessman (BUSINESS VISA), you will be able to stay where you will want and you will not have to pay a lot of money for hotel room and our fees for introduction to each girl. You will be able to live in our rented flats and to use our service without any additional fees. It is convenient for men and we have the great experience in this matter. But you have to clearly say to anybody that you go to Ukraine on business.
To be registered in the main rule for visa state.

Registration in Ukraine:

Holders of a BUSINESS or a PRIVATE VISA, excluding children under 16, crew members, transit visa holders and visitors staying less than three days, are required to have their sponsors register their travel documents within 72 hours after arrival at the appropriate institutions which should be known to the sponsors.
Early, businessmen might not to be registered but now it might be even very big problems such as big surcharges on a customs and embargo for coming to the countries of former Soviet Union for the different terms. 
Since you come as a businessman, our firm will apply for you for to be registered in our police.
That paperwork includes letter-application for your registration from our firm with explanation of the aim of your business tour, guaranty that our firm will provide for you our help in any cases, asking chief of police to make procedure of registration quickly, copies of your passport and visa. That amount which we charge for our taking care for your registration includes all expenses and two government taxes.  

You are supposed to take your documents to your local travel agency and apply for the business visa or send it directly to Ukrainian embassy in your country. Find the addresses and phones of Ukrainian embassies on our page: afqukraine.html 
Please remember that your official purpose of the visit to Ukraine is business, exploring business possibilities and signing a contract. You can tell the most suitable commercial activi