I have started to make my own background and graphic sets. I found some
wonderful sites on the net that explained step by step how to make backgrounds
and all the buttons and lines that match. I have really had fun with this. I will list
these sites further down the page. These people were very helpful to me. I even
learned how to make lake applets which I never thought I would ever make. Alot
of my graphics have come from my wedding cards. Alot came from different
pages on the net. If you see something that is yours and want credit for it please
let me know. I have so many graphics that I have downloaded off the net that I
am having a hard time figuring out who made what. If I have done something to a
graphic of yours, I did not do this with malice intentions. I just can't remember
where I got everything from. If I have done something to your graphic and you
don't like it or want some credit for it, please write to me. I will be more then
happy to give credit where credit is due. Please don't get upset if I have done
something to one of your graphics. I will take it off if it makes you unhappy. You
just need to tell me. Okay here goes my first attempts at making backgrounds
and graphics. All the backgrounds I made are sets. If you decide to use them I
would appreciate a link back to
me( with my logo button. I have
even made that to match the sets:) Oh and by the way, PaintShop Pro is a great
program for doing this stuff. If you don't have it I would recommend getting it.
I have tried to make navigating my backgrounds easier for you and also reduce load time. I also have put them into catagories (well trying to put them in catagories...LOL)

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Flower Backgrounds


Angel Backgrounds

Animal Backgrounds

Border Sets

Angel Border Sets

Misc. Border Sets

I have made a whole new page for holiday sets, click on the banner below to go there.

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These are all my creations from pictures I have collected. You may use
them freely for your own personal use, but please no commercial sites
allowed. If you use my creations please link back to me, it will truly be
appreciated. I have provided a logo button with each design and also my
URL. Also please let me know where you are so I can take a look at what
you have done with my work. It would be so nice to see my work in use. In
the future I will be adding more designs so please check back often and
see whats new. Here are some links to follow for help with Paintshop
Pro and making Lake Applets. Very resourceful pages. Let me know what
you think about my creations. I'm really curious to know.

For some great help, check out these pages. These people really helped me with
their tutorials. I am sure they can help you too.

D'S Retreat
Enchanted Backgrounds
A Compendium of Sorts

For some great picture tubes and brushes for PSP, visit

Rhonnies Stuff

I was told that I should have an page to display the I have been given. I am really proud of these because I have worked hard to make and maintain these pages of Backgrounds and Bordersets for anyone who wants to use them. So here are the that you kind people have given to me for my hard work. Thank you to each and evryone of you who have taken the time to look thru my creations.

I have also made pages full of pages of links to some really fantastic homepages. You can go here to see just what I am talking about. The links I have on these pages are to people out there in cyberspace that are so creative and beautiful that I just couldn't resist having pages linking to them. Please go look at their pages so you can see these people as I did.

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