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Above you see a sample of the FREE Emergency Card you will get, with your name and information, from the trusted people at PersonalMD.

I want everyone to know that this is the BEST thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. I found this while surfing the WWW and at first I could not believe that they would actually do all they advertised for free.

But now I know, they do.

I showed this to my doctor and he said, "Let's try it out." So he dialed the telephone number on the Emergency Card (sent to me for FREE) then entered the PIN number on the card. In just a few minutes the FAX was spitting out my medical information.
Note: The only Medical Information they will have is what "You" tell them. You have complete control of what infromation is made available.

He was so impressed that now he is telling his other patients that have access to the Internet to get this service. One important reason to have this Free card and service is if you cannot speak for yourself, an emergency care provider could find the Emergency Card in your purse or wallet then do as my doctor did and get all the important information he needs to give you the best Emergency Care.

Especially if you have had WLS or some other surgical proceedure that has altered your internal workings.

Below I have some more information about PersonalMD:

PersonalMD helps physicians protect
you in the event of a medical crisis.

In the ER, every second counts.

Emergency physicians must diagnose patients quickly with access to only a minimum of information. In many cases, a better informed decision could mean the difference between life and death.

Their electronic medical record service saves crucial time in an emergency situation by giving physicians instant access to vital patient information when they need it -- by fax or Internet, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

Easy Input and Update Process.

You are in control.

You may obtain copies of your medical records directly from all of your health providers. To protect your information, you personally enter your records into our web site through a guided program. You are always in control. This is your medical record -- your life.

Protecting you privacy.

Your online medical record is completely confidential. They understand the importance of keeping your medical history private -- so they use a series of advanced security measures to safeguard your personal information. Your confidential information will never be shared with a third party. No one, not even their employees, can read the encrypted data.

It's FREE, easy, and could help save your life.

PersonalMD will help you better protect yourself and your family in an emergency. The service is Secure, Confidential, and completely Free of charge. One 10-minute visit to their site signs you up. You can update your file whenever you choose. Once you register, they will send you a personalized e-mail newsletter with health and medical news, selected to match your specific interests.

Emergency access to your records.

With or without access to a computer, information is available when it's needed most.

PersonalMD emergency card.

---> Shows essential information, saving time when seconds matter.

---> Gives medical professionals the data they need to access your record 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

---> Fits conveniently in your wallet for easy access by medical professionals.

---> Provides emergency contacts when you and your friends and family cannot.

Fax-back system.

---> Enables ER's without web access to retrieve member files with a standard Fax machine.

---> Provides a fast, fail-safe alternative to an online connection.

When you are at a new doctor's office or the Hospital Admissions ...

If you are sent to a new doctor or when you are at a hospital admission desk and they ask you all these detailed patient history questions -- make sure you give them the right information the first time: give them your PersonalMD Emergency Card and have them access your Fax-back information. This will save you the stress of trying to remember all the dates and events that make up your patient history file. It will be so easy now, no more questions, questions, questions... I have already used this when I was referred to a specialist, when I got eat up with poison ivy last week. It was great. The nurse did the fax-back thing and attached it to my new patient file and I did not have to fill out anything! What a relief.

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