Did Mr Crosbie Break
the Seventh Clause of His Solemn E.S Pledge?

by David Green

In my previous essay titled "Dzyan Esoteric School---Blavatsky's Esoteric Instructions Issued on Whose Authority?", I wrote-----

"Robert Crosbie was an esoteric member during the lifetimes of Blavatsky and Judge. Mr Crosbie had taken the same pledge not to reveal any of these esoteric papers."

"After Mr Judge's death at the formation of the ULT's DES, by whose authority were the instructions reissued with a new pledge of secrecy?  Did Mr Crosbie violate his own original pledge by allowing the reissue of Blavatsky's esoteric instructions under a new pledge of secrecy?"

"It is clear Blavatsky & Judge issued the instructions at the direction of the Masters. Who gave Mr Crosbie the authority or right to violate his original pledge & reissue the instructions to new students under an oath of silence and secrecy? Did Mr Crosbie believe that he was following in the esoteric footsteps of Blavatsky and Judge?"

Since the above was posted, I've received six emails from infuriated ULT associates asking me how I could dare impugn the motivations and integrity of Mr. Robert Crosbie. I still urge that the questions asked are relevant questions to consider. I'd like to point out to my ULT correspondents that Mr John Garrigues et al in one of the ULT histories of Modern Theosophy did not hesitate to attack Mrs Annie Besant on the very same issue. Read Mr Garrigues' words-----

"In Mrs. Besant's 'Third Volume' [of The Secret Doctrine, 1897] are incorporated the private papers originally issued by H.P.B. to the E.S., and in reprinting these Mrs. Besant . . . broke the seventh clause of her solemn pledge as a member of the Esoteric School. . . ." The Theosophical Movement 1875-1925, pages 571-572.  Bold is added.

My London ULT correspondent has sent me the wording of the seventh clause of the E.S. pledge which both Mrs Besant and Mr Crosbie took----

"I pledge myself to preserve inviolable secresy as regards the signs and pass-words of the Section and all confidential documents."

If Mrs Besant was guilty of what Mr Garrigues accused her, then is it not equally fair to at least pose the question-----

Did not Mr Robert Crosbie violate his original "solemn" E.S. pledge by reissuing (through the DES) Blavatsky's esoteric instructions to new students under an oath of secrecy?

If Mrs Besant was guilty of breaking her pledge, why not also Mr Crosbie?