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Guide to Stephens County Cemeteries
This guide was extracted from a two volume work compiled by the Oklahoma Society NSDAR and reprinted with permission.   The survey that produced this valuable collection of data was conducted a number of years ago, however, so time has undoubtedly taken its toll on some of the locations listed herein.

The following cemeteries were canvassed in Stephens County, Oklahoma:

1. LOCO CEMETERY: This cemetery is in the town of Loco.
Located on Highway 53. Section 6 T3S R4W

2. DIXIE CEMETERY: Located near Dixie in Section 15 T3S R4W.
From the town of Loco you travel
four miles east and two miles south.

3. CORUM CEMETERY: Located one mile west of Corum
and ½ mile north of Highway 53.
Section 22 T2S R9W.

4. OLD FAIRLAWN CEMETERY: Located 2 miles north of Comanche.
Across the Highway (81)
from Historical Marker "Military Road".
Section 17 T2S R7W.

5. NEW FAIRLAWN CEMETERY: Located 2 miles north of Comanche.
Across the Highway (81) from Historical Marker "Military Road".
Section 17 T2S R7W.

6. DENTON CEMETERY: Located 9 ½ miles west of Marlow.
The cemetery is about ½ mile from the Denton Baptist Church.
Section 3 T2N R9W.

7. HOPE CEMETERY: Located 7 miles east and 6 miles south of
Marlow. It is east of the New Hope Church, about ½ miles.
(Section 9 N ½ SW 1/4 ) T1N R6W.

8. INDIAN CEMETERY: Located 1 ½ miles north of Duncan Lake on
the Duncan Lake Road. Section 26 T1n R6W.

9. OLD INDIAN CEMETERY: Family cemetery of Chief Eschiti
(Comanche Tribe). Located 10 miles west of Duncan and a little
west of Little Beaver Creek on the south side of the road.
On land once owned by Chief Eschiti.
Section 11 T1S R8W.

10. OWEN PRAIRIE CEMETERY: Located 13 miles east and 4 miles
south of Marlow. Near Lake Fugua.
(Section NW ½ 10) T1S R8W

11. PARKS or OLD SANTE FE CEMETERY: Located about 4 miles west of Velma
on Highway 7 and 3.6 miles south.
It is about ½ block off the
road and in a grove of trees. The cemetery
is fenced. About 2 acres.
It is located about 3.6 miles south of the town of Sante Fe.
Section 8 T2S R5W.

12. STONER CEMETERY: Take Highway 81 from Duncan
for 4 miles south and 6 miles east.
The cemetery is located at the
end of the (present 1969) black top road.
Section 30 T1S R6W.

13. OLD VELMA CEMETERY: Located in the Southeast corner of the
town of Velma. Directly across the road from the Velma
Baptist Church. Section 14 T1S R5W.

14. NEW VELMA CEMETERY: Located one mile east of Main Street in
the town of Velma. Section 18 T1S R5W.

15. WEAVERS CHAPEL CEMETERY: Located near Harrisburg.
Section 14 T2S R6W.

16. WOOLSEY CEMETERY: Located near the Woolsey School.
Drive 8 miles west from Loco and 1 mile south.
Section 3 T2S R6W.

17. PASSMORE CEMETERY: Located near Velma.
Take the first road to the left for about ½ mile.
The cemetery is located across the road
from the Skelly Gas Plant.
Section 3 T3S R6W.

Located 1 mile south of the Halliburton Mfg. Plant.
Section 16 T1S R7W.

19. BEAR CREEK CEMETERY: Located 13 miles east of Marlow
(Highway 29) to wright's corner. Continue east 3/4 mile to mail
box and gate on the farm of Homer Armor (as of 1969).
Continue down his drive, past his house, going
south about 1/4 mile upon the hill. Keep to the right and
disregard all other roads. Near Lake Fuqua. Ask permission to
go back to the cemetery from owner of the farm.

20. COLBERT OR OLD INDIAN CEMETERY: Located east of Marlow on
Highway 29. Travel about 8 miles east from Marlow
and 4 ½ miles south and 1/4 south and miles east. Located in
the Wildhorse Creek Watershed. Section 11 T1n R6W.

21. TUCKER CEMETERY: Located south of Duncan on (Old) Highway
81. Take the first black top road going east at the
corner of the Sunray Refinery. J Travel east about 3 miles and
1 ½ miles south. At the old Tucker School house take the
first road north and go about 1/4 mile west. Cemetery
located behind a field. Founded 1896 by Tucker.
SW 1/4 NE 1/4 of Section 3 T1S R7W.

22. DIAMOND CEMETERY: Located near Comanche.
Go 2 miles south from Comanche and 5 1/4 miles west.

(Partial) Located in the city of Duncan.
The oldest section was canvassed.
Section 6 T1S R7W.

24. EMPIRE CITY CEMETERY: One mile east of Empire City.
In the southeast corner of Section 4 T2S R8W.

Located 2 miles north of Duncan and 8 miles west.
NWNWNW Section 24 T1N R9W.

Located on Memorial Drive and Hwy 29 in Marlow.
Section 9 T2N R7W.

27. BAILEY CEMETERY: This cemetery is located in Grady County.
From the town of Bray, Stephens County, go 3/4 miles east of Bray,
turn left, and go 5 miles north and ½ mile east.

The following cemeteries are to be found in Stephens County, Oklahoma.  They were not canvassed in the 1969 survey.  There are probably other cemeteries in this county.   Several of the very old Indian Cemeteries were not located.

1. TIDWELL CEMETERY: Travel 18 miles east of Marlow
on Highway 29 and 3 miles north.
Section 5 T2N R4W.

2. INDIAN CEMETERY: About 1 mile south of Bray.
Near Clear Creek Lake.
Section 27 T2N R6W.

3. YORK CEMETERY: Located between Lake Humphrey
and Clear Creek Lake.
Take Highway 29 out of Marlow for
4 miles east and 2 1/4 miles south.
Section 31 T2N R6W.

4. OLD INDIAN CEMETERY: Near Lake Humphrey.
Travel 2 miles on Highway 29 out of Marlow.
Turn south and go 2 miles.
Section 34 T2N R7W.

5. OLD INDIAN CEMETERY: Near Lake Humphrey.
Travel 3 miles from Marlow and 2 Miles south.
Section 25 T2N R7W.

6. OLD INDIAN CEMETERY: See No. 7 Below.

Cemeteries # 6 and 7 are located near Lake Duncan.
Section 26 T1N R6W. Section 26 is located in a pasture.
No traces of these two cemeteries could be found.

8. RESTHAVEN CEMETERY: Located in Duncan on Highway 81.
Section 17 T1N R7W.

9. OLD DUNCAN CEMETERY: Located in Duncan.
Section 34 T1N R7W.

Travel 5 miles east of Velma and 8 miles north.
Section 12 T1N R4W.

Travel 3 miles east of Velma and 3 miles north.
Section 3 T1S R4W.

12. ALMA CEMETERY: Located in the town of Alma.
Section 34 T2S R4W.

Located in the city of Duncan.
Only the oldest section was canvassed.
A very large cemetery.
Section 6 T1S R7W. See #23 Canvassed Cemeteries.

14. Cruse Cemetery: Canvassed on December 10, 1996.
To get to this cemetery go to the
first section line north of Duncan Lake.
Turn right and go ½ mile.
Go 4/10 of a mile and the cemetery is on the right. It is 8 miles NE of Duncan.

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