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Additonal History

See Volume 1, Number 4 , October, 1986.  Pages 183, 184

Historical Information found in WPA Interviews, Volume 57 pages 202, 203

From Warren D. Morse Field notes.  January 21, 1937

Genereal information: Passmore Cemetery was founded in 1898 by Passmore and abandoned in 1900 
when a new cemetery was started.  The present owner of the property is W. L. Swanson
 of Velma, Oklahoma.

There are approximately 10 to 12 graves with none being marked and the area grown up in trees.  
It is in Section 13, T1S-R5W.

"The Passmore Cemetery was used until 1900. Passmore's wife was about the first person
 buried there.  The cemetery was used by Velma people.  There is nothing left to show 
there was a cemetery there.  It is grown up into trees. 
 The markers and inscriptions are rotted down."

Mr. D. N. Doak gave the information concerning the cemetery.  
He sat up in Passmore's home with Mrs. Passmore's corpse. (END)

Copeland, Isaacs 11-24-1893 8-12-1900 son of W. F. and S. E. Copeland
Copeland, Joseph J. 10-25-1887 2-15-1901
Copeland, Edward G. 6-30-1873 2-28-1901
Copeland, Cecil 8-28-1903 10-29-1905 son of b. S. and CammieCopeland
Hewett, Margaret E. 9-5-1850 8-9-1902 wife of George Cosper
Graham, Gilbert 1-19-1901 12-3-1901 son of Jess and Nellie Graham
Graham, Rob H. 3-18-1905 2-27-1906 son of Jess and Nellie Graham
Graham, Garland 2-22-1908 3-13-1908 son of Jess and Nellie Graham
Gray, Arrington 1-23-1841 3-3-1898 husband of Emmaline Gray
Gray, Della M. 5-12-1876 2-27-1899 daughter of A. E. Gray
Hopkins, Fannie L. 9-14-1891 10-18-1900 daughter of J. C. and R. A. Hopkins
Hopkins, Gertie Lee 2-26-1903 4-30-1903 daughter of J. C. and Rona Hopkins
Leachman, Millie M. 12-3-1886 6-10-1899 son of M. C. and M.A. Leachman
Lambert, Infant 12-21-1905 12-23-1905 son of A.A. and Grace Lambert
Long, William J. 1-15-1890 11-15-1893 son of F.M. and C.J. Long
Little, Izetta 10-15-1891 2-14-1892 daughter of C. G. and M.A. Passmore
Little, Otto 2-18-1904 8-19-1908 Child of T.J. and P.Little
Little, Audie 8-17-1906 8-19-1908 Child of T.J. and P.Little
Long, Nancy E. 7-9-1884 4-21-1895 daughter of F.M.and C.J. Long
Morrison, W. F. 1-26-1840 11-22-1893
Morrison, S. E. 2-18-1862 3-8-1894
Osborne, Charles 6-15-1900 6-21-1900 son of Burr and Gertrude Osborne
Passmore, Jessie G. 3-4-1894 9-?-1894 son of C.G. and M.A. Passmore
Passmore, David G. 3-12-1881 11-29-1895 son of Bryand and Eliza Passmore
Passmore, Eliza 3-11-1843 12-20-1895 Pogue, John 6-4-1828 4-19-1889 Masonic Emblem on stone
Palmer, Mattie 2-4-1868 3-26-1899 wife of J.E. Palmer
Child of J. A. and Farritt Sellors 8-25-1888 11-13-1889
Sellers, Eliza J. 8-14-1854 2-21-1902 wife of J.R. Sellers
Tate, Louisa V. 10-?-1857 2-?-1892
Tate, Sidney 2-?-1892 8-?-1892
(Unmarked Grave)
Watkins, Louisa S. 3-10-1841 3-13-1902 wife of Fred Watkins

List was compiled after much of the cemetery was destroyed in 1969.

Compiled by Opal Williams, Ratliff City, Oklahoma and
submitted by Donald F. Scott, Velma, Oklahoma

Note from Patti Adkins Rochette

Moore, Martha Lovell   Aug 6, 1898      Jan 8, 1902
                       Oklahoma Terr.   Chickasaw Nation
                       (Garfield co.)    Pickens Co.
Buried in Passmore Cemetery
Parents: McDowell, Minnie Frances  b. 1876, Lamar Co. Tx.
         Moore, Charles Addinton   b. 1866, Hardin Co. Tn

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