Stephens County Genealogical Society
301 North 8th Street
Duncan, Ok 73533
Phone number (580) 255-8718


Library Hours

Monday Throught Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1st Thursday of Month
9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
1st Saturday of Month
9 a.m. to 5p.m.

General Information

The Stephens County Genealogical Society was established and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1983.

The Society meets at 7 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Genealogical Library. Guests are encouraged and welcome to attend.

Goals and Purposes

1. To preserve knowledge and information of a genealogical, historical, and biographical nature.

2. To help others gather genealogical information.

3. To strive for accuracy and thoroness in documentation.

4. To fund and maintain a public Genealogical Research Library.

5. To issue publications of genealogical interest.

About the Library

The Stephens County Genealogical Society is operated by members volunteers who will assist you with your research as needed.

The Library has microfilm and microfiche readers available on a first - come basis and a photocopier for your convenience.

Miscellaneous CD records on the computer available also in the library.

The Library also offers various Blank forms for patrons. these include sensus forms, family group sheets, etc., for a nominal fee.


The Research Committee will do in-library research for $5.00 an hour plus copies and postage. Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope (SASE). Print clearly or type your request to eliminate confusion. Point out exactly what information you're looking for.

Available Resources

The Genealogy Library has Newspapers on film, published in Duncan and surrounding towns from 1893 to 1939.

Family History Section

Self-help and Source Section

Stephens County Tax Records

Marlow Funeral Home Records 1906 - 1926

Early Stephens County School Census

State and County Histories

City Directories and DAR Records

Indian Research and History Section

Military Records (Am. Rev. thru 1987)

Quarterlies from many states

Vital County and State Records

The library has all of the OklahomaFederal Census on microfilm for 1900 - 1910 -1920. Also in book form for 1900 - 1910.

Census records for much of Texas

Revolutionary War Records

L.D.S. collection on microfiche.

Stephens County

Stephens county is located in South-Central Oklahoma and borders Grady, Garvin, Carter, Jefferson, Cotton and Comanche Counties. It was named for the Honorable John A. Stephens, a member of Congress from Texas, because of his assistance in obtaining Statehood for Oklahoma.

Organized in 1907, it contained 891 square miles. It is 27 miles long and 33 miles wide. The county come from part of Oklahoma Territory and a part of Indian Territory as the dividing Territory line, the 98th Meridian, cut throught the county.


A post office named Duncan was established on April 7, 1884 at the William Duncan Store, about 1 mile East of the present city limits, which was near the Chisholm Trail.

When Rock Island Railroad was built in 1892, Mr. Duncan moved his store to what is not the corner of 3rd & Main, and later he moved to Seventh & Main.



Vol. 1-Brown Township       $4.00
Vol. 2-King Township        $5.00
Vol. 3-Hope Township        $2.50
Vol. 4-McPherson            $4.00
Vol. 5-Richaland/RockCreek  $3.00
Vol. 6-Parks Township       $4.00
Vol. 7-Wall Township        $4.00
All Township               $18.50
Homestead Patents           $6.00
(Indian Allotments)
Add $1.50 S/H for 1 Book: and $1.00 for each additon Book.
All back issues of the Society Quarterly, "FOOTSTEPS" are available for purchase beginning January, 1986. the cost is $10.00 per set of 4 (1 year) - $2.00 S&H.

Stephens County, Oklahoma Soldiers Discharge Record Indes:

WWI throught 1987   $19.95 plus $2.00 S&H.
Stephens County Marriages
Book 1-2            Nov. 1907 thru 1912
Book 3-4-5          Oct. 1912 thru 1920
Book 6-7-8          Apr. 1920 thru 1925
Book 9-10-11        Jan. 1925 thru 1929
These books are $1995 plus $2.00 Shipping and handling.
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