Upchurch Cemetery in 
Stephens County



Upchurch Farm

Located 1.4 miles south of Highway 29 on Duncan Lake Road on the West side.
Canvassed by Raymond Towell and Bill Dillon on August 4, 1997

In 1924 this farm was owned by the Upchurch family and had family ties with the Pickens and Wade families.
Sam wade was a Choctaw and Pickens was also Indian.
The Wades lived across the road from the Upchurch farm.

Levi Pickens
s/o Jefferson and Nancy Pickens
born February 1, 1904
died January 21, 1924

Same Wade
s/o Abel and Agnes Wade
born August 6, 1890
died October 31, 1918

Reverend Abel Wade
died July 27, 1920
72 years old

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