Stephens County

Cartwright, William P.		Oct 16, 1829		Jan 17, 1897
Ganauld, Myrtle			no dates
Ganauld, David			no dates
Ganauld, Baby			no dates
Crouch, C.			No dates
Lindsey, Sarah Jane		Nov 1, 1934		Dec 6, 1890
(wife of J. H. Lindsey)
Herman				No dates
Garrett, Spilly C. (CSA) (co. I Texas Calvary) 		No dates
Batts, Delila May		Jun 14, 1884		Feb 8, 1889
(daughter of J.W. & M.E. Batts)			
Batts, Mary			Oct 14, 1857		Oct 10, 1888
(wife of J. W. Batts)

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