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Season 3 Music Log

Like a Virgin

"Old Time Rock and Roll" - Bob Segar
"Who's Who" - Pretenders
"Sleep Together" - Garbage
"Dead Again" - Buckcherry
"Let Us Sing" - Tricky Woo
"Push It" - Garbage
"Hold On" - Mary Beth


"Bodyrock" - Moby
"Days and Days" - The Nines
"Time After Time" - Tuck & Patti

None of the Above

"Absolutely" - Nine Days
"Swaying" - Train
"Speak of the Devil" - Chris Isaak
"You Won't See Me Cry" - Sue Medley
"From my Head to My Heart" - Evan and Jaron

Home Movies

"Static" - Bleach
"Break the Chain" - Sue Medley
"I'm Sorry Now" - Jude
"Go to War" - Mad Lion
"Man with a Hex" - Atomic Fireballs
"I Do" - Jude

Indian Summer

"Before You" - Chantal Kreviazuk
"Swim" - Madonna

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