Demon's Enclave


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Watashi wa YoukoS desu. Hajimemashite, dozo yoroshiku. I'm a newcomer at translating manga, so please bear with me as I am pouring out my heart in making these translations. I have made some updates, hope you will take some time to go through them. Ja matta,
Youko Shuuichi



Volume Six

Scroll One: Hatred|
Scroll Two: The Torn Apart Soul
| Scroll Three: The Ill Willed Priest| Scroll Four: The Jewel Thief| Scroll Five: Air Rip| Scroll Six: The Accursed Hand| Scroll Seven: The Demon Inside| Scroll Eight: Controlling the Demons| Scroll Nine: The Artist's Dream
Scroll Ten: Impure Ink|

Volume Seven

Scroll One: False Arm| Scroll Two: Power of the Tetsusaiga| Scroll Three: Ferocious Without Compare| Scroll Four: Steal the Arm
Scroll Five: Snatched Back| Scroll Six: Parting| Scroll Seven: Oni Spider| Scroll Eight: The Mark of Evil| Scroll Nine: The Time of Two People| Scroll Ten: The Broken Kekai|

Volume Eight

Scroll One: Sense| Scroll Two: Encounter| Scrol Three: Naraku| Scroll Four: Mark| Scroll Five: Dead Souls| Scroll Six: Lost Souls| Scroll Seven: Kikyo's Barrier| Scroll Eight: The Scent of Death| Scroll Nine: Kagome's Call| Scroll Ten: A Gentle Scent|


Scroll One: Jinmenka| Scroll Two: The Garden| Scroll Three: Hara no Hikari|Scroll Four: Toukajin's Kitchen|Scroll Five: Sennin's Herbs|Scroll Six: Changing Bow|

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