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I love my bike. It resides in my living room most of the time (no respectable tri bike is ever kept in a garage). I love talking about my bike too. My non-tri friends all seem to get this glassy distant look in their eyes whenever I start talking about my bike, so I decided to share my bike with the WORLD! I figure that there a few gear heads out there who might actually enjoy hearing about it.

What do I take to a race? Look at my equipment guide.

Here's my race bike, a Softride Solo. After falling in love with the beam suspension, I purchased the frame on a closeout. It's the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden. The beam has 3 inches of flex and the elastomer layer in the middle of the beam soaks up all sorts of road chatter and vibration.
I've added Shimano 600 8spd components, Profile airstrike aero/bullhorn bars, Specialized Ultralight Composite wheels, a Sella Italia Flite saddle, SPD clipless pedals, Dia-Compe reverse pull brake levers, and the profile swift shift kit (all for under 1,300$ - That's Cheap)
Here's what Softride says about the solo:

The Solo is a versatile road bike that can be set-up as a classic road race machine or an excellent multi-day touring or commuting bike. The Powercurve aluminum frame sports an incredibly stiff rear triangle and is made from 6061 T6 aluminum. This means great power transfer for racing or simply moving forward on a multi-day tour.

I think that this bike is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a very comfortable very aerodynamic ride.

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I also have a GT Rave that I use for training. It has a cro-moly frame that is a little heavy, but it's a fantastic and inexpensive bike.

The components are mostly RX100 and 600 and I've added Syntace bullhorns and Profile aero bars.

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