New Republic Fleet Figures

The New Republic Defence Force and its goals

The New Republic fleet is designed for an entirely different purpose than that of the Empire. The Imperial starships were designed as an invasion and occupation force where a single Imperial Star Destroyer could easily hold a system in its grip. The New Republic has different goals. Defence forces aren't required to project their power across vast sectors into enemy space and have been tethered to the space they defend. Each New Class Ship carries enough consumables for five months, thereby cutting down its overall size.

Some time after the battle of Endor (approximately 12 years) supplies and logistics officers in the New Republic decided that transporting weapons, parts, feul, and starfighters between fleets as diverse as those of the New Republic was just too much. The New Class ships were developed to combat this problem and standardize everything in the fleet. While not all of the fleets have recieved New Class ships, a steady stream of them are reaching the front lines for combat duty. A dedicated scrapping program eliminated the oldest and least effective starships of the Defence Force, selling them as monuments, old transport ships and playing roles in system defence forces (which may be called upon in large military operations).

The New Class Ships promote a more compact design with a wider variety of weapons; including turbolasers, ion cannons, tractor beams, torpedoes and missiles. They are also designed for long range combat, with fewer heavier weapons but superior fire control. The Majestic Cruiser for example is capable of scoring as many hits at long range as an Imperial Star Destroyer would at medium range and can stay at that range for as long as it has space to run. Also the backbone of the fleet has become the carriers, acting as the motherships for starfighters and often battles are directed from their bridges. The fleet is built around the carriers and they are supported by the heavier ships of the line such as the cruiser.

Composition of the Fleet

Each fleet could contain any kind of ship listed in the New Republic Fleet Command archives. The overall purpose of the New Republic fleet is to patrol domestic space, provide a suitable defence against external aggression (including Imperial forays and strikes), piracy and smuggling suppression and keeping the general peace. This has been-on an overall scale-well done on the fleets' part. The New Republic Defence Force is smaller than that of its Imperial predecessor by a factor of about 5,000 warships (not including starfighters). Giving the Imperial capital ship figure something numbering twelve million, five-hundred thousand. This figure doesn't include the countless starfighters, support craft, and transports that are also found throughout the Imperial fleet.

Total Defence Force capital ship figures are about two thousand, five hundred operatinoal warships. Each of the five operational fleets can be broken down into smaller sub-groups as listed below:


Fleet - 500 warships (starfighters and transports not included)
- made up of five battlegroups
Battlegroup - 100 warships (starfighters and transports not included)
- made up of five task forces
Task Force - 20 warships (starfighters and transports not included)