The Galactic Empire Databank - an excellent site with in-depth information on vehicles and vessels used before the Battle of Endor.

The Shaven Wookie- an excellent site with many Star Wars links. A must see if you want to visit many pages.

The New Republic Fleet Database- a good site with an average database and many pictures.

The New Republic Fifth Fleet- an excellent site where you can enlist your services with the New Republic Navy.

Free Traders Starwars RPG Palace- a large site with in-depth information on many RPG related topics.

Black Squadron- a good site where you can pledge your allegiance to one of various groups

The Adventures of the Chaos Crew- a good site with a galaxy map, list of planets, history of the Star Wars Galaxy, a list characters participating in the website and a list of information on equipment and vehicles.

Star Destroyer.Net- a great site with multimedia and TPM Reviews and Revelations. A must see.


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