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Worse yet! I was dismayed by the late Mr. Beale's information below. Now, in 2002, the ADA reports the Age Adjusted Diabetes Mortality Rate is up 40% from the CDC's 1987 report. This simply proves that all of our research and miraculous improvements in diabetes care are a total waste and all of the hundreds of millions spent in our names are being totally misspent by Diabusiness which profits from our suffering and loss.

We Diabetics must regain control of our futures and lives!

The following is fairly typical of Email communications I read these days:

-----Original Message-----

From:         Bruce Beale

Sent:         27 January 2000 10:51

To:            Dave Groves

Subject:     age-adjusted death rate

 “Since 1980, the age-adjusted death rate due to diabetes has increased by 30 percent. it stands to reason that far more of our health-care dollars should be allocated to cure this disease.”

Over the past 80 years a fortune has been spent on “cure”, yet surely this fact should mean that more time and effort should be devoted to treatment. In a relatively short period enormous strides have been made in treating HIV/AIDS yet care and treatment of diabetes lags behind and is clearly becoming worse.


"Since 1980, the age-adjusted death rate due to diabetes has increased by 30 percent. Five of the nation’s leading health organizations recently joined to issue a public health statement declaring diabetes to be a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes is also an expensive disease, with more than one out of every 10 United States health-care dollars spent on its treatment.

Focused efforts to cure diabetes are urgently needed. The Diabetes Research Working Group, a blue-ribbon panel of experts established by Congress, has called for raising the National Institutes of Health’s budget for diabetes research to $827 million next year and $1.6 billion by 2004. In comparison, the N.I.H. will spend only $443 million in fiscal year 1999 on diabetes research, according to the research working group.

The N.I.H. maintains that funding for diabetes is commensurate with the burden of the disease. However, since diabetes is one of the nation’s most expensive diseases and it’s on the increase, it stands to reason that far more of our health-care dollars should be allocated to cure this disease.



The writer is chief, section of endocrinology and diabetes, at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center and is also professor of clinical medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine."

-----Original Message-----

From:         Jenny Hirst

Sent:         Thursday, January 27, 2000 5:.86 AM

To:            Bruce Beale; Dave Groves

Subject:     RE: age-adjusted death rate

Some common sense thinking, at last! However I think they also need to look much more closely at what research they fund both in terms of subject matter and quality! It may be that if they got rid of some of the rubbish that is funded they need not spend more! It is quality and correctly directed research that is necessary.


-----Original Message-----

From: Dave Groves [dggroves@earthlink.net]

Is it not amazing that for all the hundreds of millions of dollars contributed to the US ADA “for cure” that almost nothing they spend in the tiny bit they spend on research goes to cure work?

Is it not amazing that for the $200mm plus spent on DCCT so far, the only result has been an enormous and unacceptable increase in hypoglycemia mortality with no benefit to life expectancy or life quality for the diabetic?

Is it not amazing that with the enormously costly (to diabetics and the world economy) “advances” in medical science since the ‘70s, including the advent of home glucose monitoring, the invention of the glycosylated hemoglobin tests, the “perfection” of synthetic human insulin and the so-called “analogs,” the improvements in heart disease and stroke treatment, the improvements in kidney and pancreatic transplant medicine, the improvements in retinal surgery, the addition of ACE inhibitors and diet revisions for diabetes care to prevent nephropathy and the improvements in diabetes care which reportedly give diabetic women a good chance to have near-normal pregnancies, that is spite of all of this, US Type 1 diabetics have a 17% mortality within the first 25 years from diagnosis where other countries show only a 5% mortality; that our age adjusted mortality has grown astronomically in the face of all these “wonderful” improvements?

Is it not amazing that from what Joan Hoover and I can recall, he US Congress vowed to fund NIH research to cure diabetes within 15 years 30 years ago and gave us, instead, such poor science as the DCCT, 54 page 2 day planning sessions that never mention the word cure?

Clearly global “diabusiness” is responsible for this and clearly as seen in the FOX 13 reports, the US ADA is their chief handmaiden.  The US Congress must be put on notice that ADA represents ONLY the drug industry and has abandoned its charter, mission statement and the diabetics of the world.

I feel guilty for having been diabetic for 46 years and having stood silent as things got this bad.  However, the fact that Zimmerman as President of ADA and Holcomb as charge d’fairs of Lilly’s Insulin unit, can appear on TV and ridicule diabetics for noticing that injected insulin causes insulin reactions as they did on the FOX 13 show, shows where the bread is buttered.

May I have your permission to republish this entire discussion on my web site?

Dave Groves

Bruce replied OK.