10/27/04 09:42:39 AM


Clearly the US FDA has completely sold out to Diabusiness, sadly, it appears that the USDA had put animal safety and FDA nonsense ahead of the needs of diabetics. The USDA has heard us. We must find ways to force the FDA to accept the truths the USDA have broadcast and the fact that many diabetics cannot use pork or synthetic insulins.

As you read the other world diabetes and diabetics references, you will see just how truly bad the US FDA is in terms of its actions. The US ADA's refusal to support the Gray Ribbon and the fact that none of what it steals from diabetics is spent on Cure research is telling. DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO OR FALL VICTIM TO ADA FRAUD!

We are hoping that FDA will recognize the USDA's helpfulness. USDA does not require permits for imported CP beef insulin any longer (actually, they never did, but FDA played their evil games with us all.) See the USDA's statement!

BDA Statement to FOX 13, 20% of insulin users NEED animal insulin (requires Real Player to view streaming video).

We at DIF need your help. If you can volunteer some time, please Email us at mailto:mhunt206@comcast.net, we are fighting to survive and need all of the help we can get. Thank you.