This is an actual series of BG readings performed by one of our members (Dr. Brent Hoadley) with various insulins and even pump therapy trying to build a reasonable level of control for his diabetes.  The only practicable insulin choices he found were beef R and beef-pork UL (no beef UL was available at the time and no pork UL is available either, some of us have had success with beef PZI).  Carbohydrate intake was Null on the basal tests with 15gms CHO at hour 3 and 15gms CHO at hour 4 on the bolus tests.  These rigorous tests were performed to quantify and evaluate the available insulins as he attempted build reasonable control of his diabetes.  Dr. Hoadley had developed severe retinopathy within 16 years of his diagnosis (1954) which occurred when he was 14 years old and has other microvascular complications in spite of he efforts to find and maintain good glycemic control.  The target for these tests was to maintain BG between 80mg/dl (4.44mM/L) and 180mg/dl (9.99mM/L).   Only beef insulins allowed this with the exception of the initial CIIT Humalog® therapy, but within 2 months, it had become unreliable and life threatening.  These tests display the need for beef insulins without regard to the hypoglycemia [insulin reaction/insulin shock- ed] unawareness problem which Dr. Hoadley also experienced on Humulin® rDNA human, Humalog® rDNA analogue synthetic, and Iletin® 2 monocomponent porcine insulins.

Brent's Basal: (click to view Bolus)

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Brent's Bolus: (click to view Basal)

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