Last Updated: 03/15/04 06:40 PM


I am told that Lilly or Novo is already spinning propaganda about the risk of an "HIV-like" virus from Porcine insulins! 

We still have not had time to get the appropriate data but are told that this material is comparing apples to apples, and that the impurity difference is still different for the human insulins and the animal insulins. This does not mitigate the Lilly fraud of pretending that animal insulins cause problems that human insulins and other synthetics will not.  Thanks for your patience.

  • Clearly, Lilly Humulin® "human" is not a winner in the purity contest in what we believe is the most favorable possible interpretation for "human" of the very limited data we have been able to obtain!  Noteworthy is the fact that on a TRULY comparable basis, the purity of porcine and bovine may actually and more probably be 11,000.0 ppm rather than the 15,000.0 shown here.  Neither 18:15 nor 18:11 is particularly outstanding considering what human is made from!  3-7,000.0 ppm may be a lot of impurity!

  • We have been unable to get anyone to give us "better" data than the material above, however, we have data which may be more comparable and it still appears to confirm that "animal" insulins are as pure or more pure than human and have, therefore, less risks for allergies or BSE or other problems than human insulins, especially given the media in which Lilly's Humulin® is grown and the fact that it is made from E. Coli bacteria.