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Insulin Amino Acid Structure


We have finally been able to find the amino acid structure for all of the insulin types used by humans in the US and Canada. Beef, Pork, Human, Humulin, Novolin Human, Lantus, Humalog, and Novolog.

This is the road map for all vertebrate insulins, set to track the most common (non-mutant) form of Human chains of amino acids, and to show the differences between, beef, pork, Humulin, Novolin Human, Humalog, Novolog, Lantus, and the various mutant forms of human insulin as they are shown in the literature. Position of an amino acid on the chains is as, or far more, important than one might think given how Humalog® has been demonstrated to behave.

Green circles ( each circle is an individual amino acid molecule)  may be different in many vertebrates, colored circles are coded at the the schematic below White circles are identical in all vertebrates.


Structure of the vertebrate insulin molecule and the synthetics currently available in the US and Canada as of 11/2002.



Insulin Chains

We hope that this will be a more legible diagram of the molecular structure of vertebrate and synthetic insulins and will be of more use for our users.

For the complete list of amino-acid abbreviations used, the definition list is located at: Amino Acid Abbreviations.