The case against Eli Lilly for its Thimerosal (merthiolate) vaccine additive can be found at:


I encouraged all members of this site to seriously consider contacting the firm and participating in this litigation. They failed us, there are no active lawsuits in the US or anywhere as of 10/3/01 and the damages are worse than all the terrorist activities of 9/11/01 we need to focus Congress and political leaders around the word on the truth. The following information is here as a basis to help any law firm willing to take up our case:

From:         Kawulok, Suzan (NM75)
Sent:          Thursday, April 06, 2000 1:39 PM

To:  ‘’
Subject:      Class Action Suit


The Advertising Review Board Committee (associated with the Supreme Court) will not be meeting or reviewing the Roehl Law Firm’s Class Action Announcement until 4/27/00.   Both now, and once it is approved, the firm will not be able to solicit individuals to become a part of the action.

Each and every individual must decide if becoming a part of this  action is what they wish to do and must contact the firm.   This includes all  individuals who have made offers of  support or any other form of  assistance in this matter.

505-242-0536 fax

I ask that you post this information to your websites and forward it to your personal mailing list, requesting that each of those individuals forward it to their lists and so on, at your earliest possible convenience. 


Suzan Kawulok

Letter from a concerned member:

To Be or not to Be?
A Necessary Opinion!

What is happening to diabetics in America is most certainly a case of genocide, no less that any atrocity committed in the history of man. The desire for power, and riches is an ancient motivation with classic and natural outcome- harmful excess.  When viewed under any civilized scrutiny Lilly and Novo are absolutely engaged in crimes against humanity.  I for one do not intend to line up and march to the Lilly gas chamber polka. Alone I am but a voice in the wilderness, together we can create a pitch so loud as not to be ignored.  Join this fight as if your very life depended on it, because it very well could.

            What is your life worth? I consider my life to be very valuable that is why I will use any and all legal means to get animal insulin back into standard pharmacy stock. 

            Like many of you out there, I have called and written countless news media as well as every politician I could get an address for.  At this point in time, other than Glen Selig, and Congressman Nethercutt help has been slim to none. When no one listens or takes us seriously then what do we do?

            A lawsuit is the most positive thing that could occur, yet it will accomplish little unless each and everyone of us harmed by this avarice and tyranny join together as one voice.  This lawsuit will not harm anyone unless we fail to unite.  I have been an advocate of a legal action for years and joined this one the second I could.

            The very old and very young need our help and rightfully deserve it.  As for those who have the means yet lack the guts or brains to help themselves, they deserve our pity for they are truly pitiful.

            I will not stop fighting until we have a proper and just conclusion: open access to natural insulin.

            Personal import is a death trap.  Join the lawsuit, call and write Congress and the media, we must be heard to be helped.

A Voice in the Wilderness,

Errol D. Hohrein

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