Our friend, Mike McNicholas, gave me this Christmas present concerning his 4 year battle to find justice in the egregious malpractice which caused his sister's death from diabetes in the UK. I would encourage all of you to visit the links Mike has provided. Sarah Jane died in terrible pain from cerebral failure due to improper treatment of her undiagnosed DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) after presenting 5 times over a period of 6 days with text book symptoms and having no physician bother to test her blood or urine for glucose or ketones!

At least Health Service Ombudsmen in the UK listen, unlike those with FDA. I would strongly recommend that all interested in this matter and the problems with home testing read the links and comment in our Complications list at dwComplications@yahoogroups.com (you can join below if you are not a member.

Dave Groves


Great news for you.

The Health Service Ombudsman's report is now in Parliament, therefore it is available on line.


The report is absolutely damming of all those involved.

Thus far the story has hit national news and appears today in the Nursing Times. (not a very good story actually) but you can see it at http://www.nursingtimes.co.uk you need to select news and then select the story NHS causes diabetics death. there is a good link from this site to the story the Independent ran on the case which is much better. so you may want to provide links from DW.

Dave it is a must that you read the report, it is so bad even we didn't realise the extent of the failures the ombudsman found.

What's next?

Monday 18th December radio 4 program challenging GMC on this case.

Inquest Feb 5th for 1 week in front of Jury.

March high courts of justice seeking an order overturning the GMC's decision not to hold hearing.

Immediately following inquest launch complaints with UKCC (nurses governing body) then on to getting the lessons out.

By the way the case is still with the police so we don't yet know if anyone will face prosecution.

I hope this message finds you well -- all the very best and I hope you find some peace at Christmas.


NOTE: All of the items have been adjourned pending the outcome of the inquest which has been put back to the 15th day of October 2001.

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