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The Pharmaceutical Therapy Committee: Unsuitability of Human Insulin

There are reports of rare allergies to human insulin and for those patients, it is necessary to either change over to or remain on animal insulin.  The number of these patients is small and may be less than 500 persons in Germany.  The problem for these patients is that animal insulin has been removed from the German market and must be imported from foreign countries.  Here, there are problems with reimbursement (regarding German health insurance.)
The German Diabetes Association Pharmaceutical Therapy Committee recommends a specialist (Endocrinologist) be consulted in order to clarify and certify the medical condition.  Within reason, reimbursement for importation of animal insulin from foreign countries should not represent a problem for said health insurance for these exceptional cases.  The Pharmaceutical Therapy Committee will contact the EASD with regard to this problem and work to seek at least one European pharmaceutical company for a long-term commitment to production of animal insulin. 
German Diabetes Association,
Prof Dr. Wolfgang Kerner (Karlsruhe)
Pharmaceutical Therapy Committee,
Prof. Dr. Harold Klein (Bochum)
Committee Members--
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Bretzei (Geissen)
Prof Dr. Thomas Danne (Hannover)
Prof Dr. H. G. Joost ((Nuthetal)
Prof Dr. S. Matthaei (Quackenbrueck)
Ulla Gastes (Muellheim/Ruhr)--Non-medical German Diabetes Association Guest Panel Member.