I was recently asked by a member how I've come to feel so strongly about the issues outlined here.  My Story, below, should likely start with this note:

For the first 30+ years of my diabetes, starting in October of 1954, we did urine testing and had semi-annual blood sugars and no A1c or similar testing.

I had lots of severe insulin reactions, but never simply blacked out wide awake from insulin shock as I do on human insulin or pork. In 3 years on Human Insulin, I had 3 "at fault" auto accidents with none in 27 prior years and none in 12 subsequent years.

The only measure of how well I did is that I survived while all of the other 3 kids diagnosed with me died of diabetes complications (one insulin reaction, one heart attack and one stroke).

In my 3 years on human, I never got an A1c below 10.7% no matter how hard we tried. I was often well over 12%.   In the 11 years since with far fewer injections and tests per day, I can hit 8.2-9.5% A1cs with no major insulin reaction problems of the sort I have on human or pork insulins.

Dave Groves

The following are individual cases and evidence of the problems which some diabetics have with the limited insulins now available in the US.

Cases Studies: