Full Text of the JDFI Position Statement on Animal Insulin

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share this with you all. The instructions for obtaining beef insulins are also available on the HomePage of the two sites I manage as well as http://compassionateuse.com and the CP site which is linked from both. If I can assist in any way as you, friends, or family go through the work to get the forms filled out and filed, please feel free to call on me. I have posted to this tripod site a form that you and your MD may wish to use as a sample to provide you the required COM letter for his signature and don't expect that anyone will have any difficulty in generating the personal certification (though I would add a social security number as proof of legal US residence) and the site also contains a copy of the required CP order form. Please be aware that, based on my experience in ordering from CP:

R (Regular) is called "Neutral"
N (NPH) is called "Isophane"
L (Lente) remains "Lente"
SL (Semilente) is not available
UL (Ultralente) is not available, but many find that  PZI (Protamine Zinc Insulin) works about as well as a replacement
PZI is still "PZI"

I am apparently forbidden under UK law from publishing the activity curves for these insulins though if requested, I will attempt to find a way to do something to help in this ticklish matter.

All insulins are provided in 10cc U100 solution or suspension vials.

You no longer need to provide CP a prescription but you need to see if your insurance will cover the cost of the insulin plus the import permit fees plus the shipping fees The insulin is roughly $30 per bottle at current exchange rates (about $1.60 per UK Pound Sterling), the import permit charges were recently drastically increased by USDA, however they now cover 5 years instead of only one year. Check the USDA information at: USDA Fees. The shipping charge is roughly $60 per shipment at current shipping rates (and exchange rates) regardless of the size of the shipment with the still stringent FDA/USDA limits we are subject to.

You may now order a 6 month supply of beef. I am going to continue to do what I can to help us get legislation that will allow us to substantially reduce our costs by enabling bulk shipping and distribution, eliminating the logistics problem that Rep. Nethercutt cited when he volunteered to write the enabling legislation for us. Thanks to those of you who took the time to fax.


JDFI Position Statement on Animal Insulin
December 6, 1999

The recent decision by US companies to discontinue the production of beef insulin has caused great concern among some people with diabetes in the USA who currently use this type of insulin. JDFI recognizes that most people who take animal-derived (i.e. beef and pork) insulins can be safely switched to synthetic human insulin.

However, we also acknowledge that good medical practice dictates that decisions concerning the type of insulin used by people with diabetes should be made by the patients and their physicians and that, if animal-derived insulin is deemed appropriate, this option should remain available to them.

In this regard, JDFI will continue to provide information on obtaining animal-derived insulin manufactured outside of the United States to interested patients and physicians. To learn about the process and procedure for personal importation of beef insulin and for more information on this issue, please contact:

The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust U.S.
1720 Guess Rd., Suite 40
Durham, NC 27701-1165
Call Toll Free US: (888) 253-7144 (toll-free US)
Online: http://diabetes.pair.com  or  http://www.insulinchoice.org.


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