Just so that our members can see it, Diabusiness has tracked our Diabetes truths for the past 14 years and has failed to find or notify us or any diabetics of a single issue with which they can honestly disagree. Every fact we've ever published is, thereby, confirmed as true and published in the articles and textbooks we have quoted in our site.

Insulin is essential to the lives of 25-30% of the diagnosed diabetics of the world, there is no excuse for not being able to purchase beef insulin or paying exorbitant prices for pork insulin here in the US! Sadly, this game is international. We need your help.

This chart only covers the past 8 months, prior to 5/28/2002, but the fact is that they (Lilly, Novo, Aventis, ADA, FDA, CDA, Health Canada, and the other profiteers of Diabusiness) are not denying any of the truth here. Why? BECAUSE IT IS TRUTH. THEY ARE DELIBERATELY KILLING US TO AVOID POTENTIAL TORT LIABILITY!  (Tort Liability means Civil Court  costs and judgments for which the drug makers are and must be held accountable for accidents and mistakes and for outright lies about their products that harm innocent users of such products. Clearly, many thousands of us have suffered such harm.)

Diabusiness proof of our veracity