While the Lantus Safety Warning doesn't mention DEATH, the human insulins and other synthetics do.

This Email may be of interest to those considering the use of Lantus from Aventis or other of the synthetics now available instead of natural beef or pork insulins which may be available by import.

Also, we recently discovered that Lantus and NovoRapid (NovoLog) both are reported as having caused cancer in lab animals. Very strange that the FDA would approve carcinogens for diabetics. The need for beef Ultralente must be enormous!

<click here for the cancer story>


Hi, first off wanted to know if others are having trouble with the Go Diabforum command. Navcis hates it, and locks up every time I use it.

Second, thought you might find this interesting.

I went to see a new endo yesterday.

My A1C wont go down, and of course they aren't happy with me and want me to get a pump.

I of course, won't do it unless it is fully paid for and I can use Regular in it!

Anyway, this guy is involved in Glargine studies, and the Educators had said I should try it.

Well, when I saw him yesterday he said it is being held up by complications.

I hadn't heard that, and wonder if that is true.

When I asked what kind of glitches were involved, he said essentially that the problem with new diabetes drugs and research is that one thing always gets in the way.

That one thing, according to him, is "Death."

When I proceeded to say that is precisely why you all want animal based insulin back, he chuckled at me like you are the morons here.

Excuse me, but he just said "Death" didn't he?

It makes no sense. (sigh).


E-mail from: Laura, 27-Jul-2000