Lilly lies again!

After their wonderful letter to Glenn Selig stating that they intended to continue "animal insulin" (meaning ONLY pork insulin) indefinitely, and their letter to Health Canada on the same issue, it is becoming clear that they have no interest at all in diabetes care, just in stealing money from us for our disease.

On April 29th, 2003, they admitted in public testimony before Health Canada and MPs from the Canadian Parliament, that, "Some diabetics cannot use Humulin."

This letter and the similar 2 letters that they sent to pharmacists and some patients shows quite how greedy and evil these folks have become in the face of today's admissions to Health Canada.

Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
 3650 Danforth Avenue
Toronto. 0N M1N 2E8

Discontinuation of  Iletin II Lente [pork, insulin injection, Lilly], DIN 00514535


April 25, 2003


Dear Health Care Professional:


After much consideration, Eli Lilly and Company has decided to stop producing Illetin® II Lente Pork insulin. The following Lilly insulin products are available to customers: Humalog®, Humalog® Mix 25, Humulin® R, Humulin® N, Humulin® L, Humulin® U, Humulin® 30/70, Humulin® 20/80, lletin® II Regular Pork and Iletin® II NPH Pork.

Based on current demand, Lilly anticipates that stock of Iletin II Lente will be available to pharmacies until the end of 2003. Vials of Iletin II Lente, expected to arrive by the end of May 2003, will have the following notice printed on the carton: Iletin II Lente is being discontinued, NOT Iletin II NPH or Iletin II Regular: contact your physician to change to another insulin. For information caII1-888-545-5972.

Lilly is notifying health care professionals, pharmacists and diabetes associations of. the discontinuation to allow patients sufficient time to switch to alternate insulin formulations or treatments. Lilly recommends that patients who currently use Iletin II Lente see their physician so that appropriate changes to their insulin treatment can be made. Careful monitoring of patient's glucose levels and adjustments to insulin therapy are important, in addition to other standard recommendations concerning diabetes care!

Eli Lilly and Company is committed to making this product discontinuation as orderly as possible for people with diabetes and health care professionals. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please call our Customer Response Centre at 1-888-545-5972.


Eli Lilly Canada, Diabetes Care



1. Melzer S, let al. '998 clinica! practice guideline. for the manasement of diabetes in Canada. Canadian Medical Association Journal 1998;159j8Suppl)Sl-S29.

2. American Diabetes Association. Standard. of medical care for patient. with diabetes mellitus Diabetess Care. 2003; 26(Suppll);S33.SS0.

"Iletin" is a registered trademark of Eli Lilly and Company
"Humalog" is a registered trademark of Eli Lilly and Company
"Humulin'" is a registered trademark of Eli I.illy and Company

Answers That Matter.

Their admission that "some" diabetics cannot use Humulin and their refusal to indicate how many and apparent ignorance of the reasons why while continuing to remove insulin choices, shows quite how heartless they are.

As they did with the removals of the Iletin II beef insulins in 1995 and the Iletin I beef-pork insulins in 1998, they continue to deliberately lie to diabetics and care-givers and recommend an insulin that they know won't work for "some" of us, as they eliminate the needed choices for diabetic survival.

Many diabetics have found that survival on NPH or N or Isophane intermediate action insulin  (called by some, "the insulin from hell") in any species, is virtually impossible.

These people are totally dishonest and should not be allowed to continue their involvement in health care of any sort.