Your questions in the Diabetics_World Guest Book are quite thought provoking and I felt I should answer as quickly as possible.

You asked, "How can you say all these things, or even allow them to be posted on your site?  I have been using lab grown insulin from the time I was diagnosed, I have never had any problems like the ones you mentioned.  Nor has anyone else that I have ever known.  You need to present this 'information' in a more truthful manner.  To blame the insulin when it might be the person at fault is just crazy, you need to accept that."

That, sir, is quite a mouthful!

I am very pleased that you have not experienced the problems that so many of us are experiencing with the synthetic insulins.  Many diabetics do not have these problems or any way to spot them if, like you, they were started on the synthetics.

1. There is absolutely no scientifically established benefit to the use of synthetic insulins.  (If you can find an article establishing any benefit, I would love to read it.)

2. It is not me "saying all these things" it is diabetics and researchers around the world and in spite of the outright lies and heavy pressures of Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, and the US ADA.

3. If you will open the insert from Lilly in any of their US sold Humulin insulins, you will see a bold warning regarding hypoglycemia and loss of symptoms when changing from animal to human.  Worse yet, if you go back to Diabetes Care in 1981, you will find that these problems, regardless of which insulin the subjects were started on and against pork as the control, were noted by Sotos Raptis in one of the earliest clinical trials of rDNA genetically modified Humulin from e. Coli bacteria.

Where but the few sites like mine can any diabetic hope to learn of these facts?  Assuming you were diagnosed in 1985, which is about when they began starting all they could on synthetics, I have been diabetic over 3 times as long as you have.  From my diagnosis at age 8 in 1954 until I got my first meter in 1985, I did fine on one or two injections of N per day and developed no complications.  I drove from age 14 to age 41 with no meter and never had an "at-fault" auto-accident.  From 1986 through early1989, the 3 years I tried desperately to use synthetic insulin, I had 3 at fault auto accidents, the first of which destroyed my life, marriage, home, career and credit.  In the past 11 years, since I went back on beef insulin, I have had no auto accidents.

I am not trying to eliminate or reduce your ability to purchase the insulin you believe works best for you.  I am simply trying to assure that diabetics who do better on beef or beef-pork or pork have the information and right to obtain it legally here in the US.  How does keeping others and me from buying what we need to cope with our diabetes benefit you?  How does the fact that human works for you imply in any way that it will work for me or anyone else?


As to blaming the victims, your logic seems a bit faulty to me.  Your statements, "You need to present this 'information' in a more truthful manner.  To blame the insulin when it might be the person at fault is just crazy, you need to accept that."

1.Please show me any untruth you can find on the website.  I will be happy to try to find the authors and get them to respond.

2.To blame the person when the insulin is demonstrably at fault, is immoral.

No one is trying to force you to take an insulin that you do not wish to take; no one is trying to convert you to beef.  We who need beef, however, are being forced to take genetically modified synthetics which are well correlated with the problems we are reading about in the medical literature, problems we have experienced personally.

I would appreciate your and everyone’s help in keeping our choices and options open by writing FDA, Rep. Nethercutt, Rep. DeFazio, Pres. Clinton and the JDFI and ADA supporting the right of diabetics to choice of insulin species.  Why do you find this so upsetting?


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