Insulin for Pets


        May 4, 2004

New Insulin for Pets

                                     FDA approves the first insulin drug for diabetic dogs

               The product will be marketed under the trade name “Vetsulin” by its developer Intervet,   

               at: of  Millsboro, Del., and will be available under a

               veterinarian's prescription.  This is U40 porcine zinc lente insulin.  Their website is still

               under construction at: This will be the US website  

               for Vetsulin (known elsewhere as Caninsulin). Vetsulin at:

               is part of AkzoNobel BV, Netherlands at:




Pharmacy Innovations is a USP 797 compliant compounding pharmacy with locations in Jamestown, NY and Erie, PA.  They are able to ship al products nationally.  Dr. Richard Moon, PharmD, RPh,  FIACP and his staff at Pharmacy Innovations offer high quality products at a reasonable price.  Compounded insulins are available for both humans and animals.  Questions? Call or email 

                         Jamestown, NY                                    Erie, PA

                         Phone:  716-484-1586                            Phone:  814-838-2102 

                         Fax:  716-488-0073                                Fax:  814-838-2103

BEEF PZI Insulins for Cats, Dogs, Horses and other non-human diabetics!

               Pet Owners wishing to acquire BEEF PZI & other Beef insulins 

                          or pet  care at more reasonable prices should contact                   

                          CP Pharmaceuticals for instructions:       

 CP Pharmaceuticals' Insulin Line: 011 800 667 55 555.

Because of calls from individuals wishing to import for cats, dogs, and other domesticated pets, I asked CP for instructions and they have advised me:

Dear Dave

Further to your e-mails, may I confirm that the procedures for obtaining CP's insulin for animal use are similar to the procedures for human use.

The only differences are that where you would normally require a letter from the licensed practitioner, we would need

1. a letter from a licensed Vet, stating that the insulins available in the U.S.A. do not effectively control the diabetes.

2. a statement from the owner of the Cat saying that the insulin is for their own felines use and that the number of vials being ordered is no more than six months supply.

3. the USDA Import permit is still necessary

4.  the completed CP order form.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Tracy Davies

Hello to you both...

Here is a list of companies that make or compound PZI insulin for animal use. This, and beef Ultralente (which I haven't been able to find a list of suppliers for), are the forms of insulin of preference for use on canine and feline diabetics.

Please note that there is a wide range of prices. Hope this helps.

Best regards,

 Michel Martin

             PZI Suppliers

      Eli Lilly no longer makes PZI, but can give your vet a referral to someone who can obtain it. 888 885-4559  (They won't do this for people!) [We are now told that  some of the Pet Vets' Pharmacists will compound for people! 11/20/2000]  The       

     Some of the Pet Vets' Pharmacists will compound for people! 11/20/2000]  The following list has been supplied, but we don't know what the prices are now, what the procedures are or whether they are still in business, for getting insulin for your pets

  1. Compounding Centers of America (referral for compounders in your area) 800 331-2498

  2. Red Oak Drugs Texas 800 551-1911 Compound PZI as U50 - need a Rx from your vet $4 shipping for orders over $100 $25.69 + $12 shipping under $100

  3. Stokes Pharmacy Medford, NJ 609 654-5222. U100, $30

  4. Professional Compounding Pharmacy 971 NW Spruce Ave. Corvalis, OR 97330 800 934-6337 $42.50

  5. Idexx Labs Westbrook, Maine 888 RX-IDEXX (888 794-3399)

    Idexx makes PZIVet.  This is who bought Blue Ridge and makes this 90% beef, 10% pork PZI emulating the old Iletin beef/pork.  The product is sold through your vet--Blue Ridge and Idexx no longer accept orders from "outside" the veterinary community.  They have not done so since PZIVet was FDA approved.  This is the only manufactured (vs compounded) PZI on the US market.  Idexx tells me it is only authorized to sell PZIVet in the US.


  6. Butler 800 551-3861 Your vet must be a member

  7. J.A. Webster 800 225-7911

  8. A.J. Buck 800 638-8672 You need an account to get into the system

  9. Doc’s Pharmacy Website:
    800 796-4937 Compounder
    Doc’s Pharmacy (same as above?)
    112 La Casa Via, Suite 100
    Walnut Creek, CA. 94598
    Phone 510-939-6311 FAX 510-939-4818

    Important Note:
    FDA has reportedly stopped Doc's production.

10.  Pine Pharmacy, 806 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY  14301, Toll Free

        1-800-355-1112.  Their website is at:       


I just read your very helpful page on obtaining PZI insulin for cats and dogs.  I thought you may be interested to know that one of the suppliers listed, a compounding pharmacy, has had very serious problems with it's quality control.  In fact, a couple of people died from contaminated medications supplied by Doc's.  It may not even be in business any longer, but if it is, it should probably be a last choice for obtaining PZI.

Google search results for Doc's Pharmacy:

Officials To Shut Pharmacy:


  1. Martin Avenue Pharmacy Naperville, IL Website:
    630 355-6400 $30.95 + shipping
    Compounder -
    they buy their beef/pork zinc insulin crystals from Lilly and use the old Lilly recipe.
    They compound U-40 and U-100 PZI

  2. Arlington Clinical Pharmacy
    Reno, NV
    702 828-8200 702-323-1846

  3. Barber & Lundberg
    4920 Rondo Dr.
    Ft. Worth, TX 76106
    800 444-4281 817 625-7200

  4. South Texas Serum
    San Antonio, TX 210 223-1863

  5. Laren Drug
    Amsterdam Avenue/113th St.
    (opposite St. Luke's) NYC 212 316-1849

  6. Fearrington Pharmacy
    The Park Building
    2012 F.V.C. Pittsboro, NC 27312-8547
    800 452-8547
    $77/10 ml. bottle U-100

  7. Abbot's Medical Pharmacy
    2320 Woolsey Berkeley, CA 94705
    510 548-8777

susan peters ~ 

 8.  Pine Pharmacy 806 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY  14301, Toll Free

        806 Pine Avenue

        Niagara Falls, NY  14301

        Toll Free 1-800-355-1112.  Their website is at:        

Their insulins come in various strengths.

  9.  Carroll Drugs
       417 East Baltimore St. Unit A
       Taneytown, MD   21787
       Toll free-1-866-686-5058
       Fax: 1-410-756-5243
       PZI pure beef insulin in both U40 and U100 strengths. PZI human insulin in both U40 and U100 strengths.  Note that 5 and 10ml vials are  available.

Prices shown on this page. Carroll Drugs states that it uses 100% beef insulin crystals from US sources.  Questions--e-mail Pharmacist Tom Bolton as .

10.  Professional Arts Pharmacy
       Baltimore, MD
       410-747-6870 Fax--651-291-7074


11.  Veterinary medicine specialists
       U100 pure beef PZI
       More information by e-mailing:


12.  BCP Veterinary Pharmacy
       8323 Southwest Freeway
       Suite 620
       Houston, TX 77074
       Toll free: 1-800-481-1725
       Toll-free Fax: 1-866-PET-CHEW (1-866-738-2439)
       Phone 713-771-1144
       Fax: 713-771-1131


BCP has succeeded in replicating the old 100% beef Iletin I PZI.  If you are  a vet, calling their toll-free number will get you free 5ml samples of their 100% bovine PZI.  BCP supplies the beef PZI in U40, U50 and U100 strengths.


13.  Park Pharmacy & Compounding Center
       200 East Yale Loop #C
       Irvine, CA   92604
       Toll-free: 1-866-551-7195
100% beef PZI--believe they can also prepare strengths U40 and U50
E-mail Pharmacist Dennis Saadeh at:  for more information.


14.  Congaree Veterinary Pharmacy
       1309-B State Street
       Cayce, SC   29033
       Toll free: 1-877-939-1335
       Fax: 803-939-0073
PZI r-DNA human insulin.  Their general order is for U100 strength in 5ml vials.  Pharmacist Terry Fiffick says he has made strengths ranging from U2, U40, U50 and U100.  He says that the best thing to do is to either call or e-mail for price quotes.  His e-mail address is: .

15.  International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

The organization will refer you to a member compounding pharmacist who can meet your needs.


16.  Insuvet Insulins:
Made by Schering-Plough Ltd., they are available only in the UK and are considered POM (prescription only medicines).  The three formulas are all U100 strength and all 100% beef.  They are:
      Insuvet Neutral (fast-acting--would be beef "R" in the US)
      Insuvet Lente (intermediate-acting--beef lente insulin)
      Insuvet Protamine Zinc (long acting beef PZI insulin).
17.  A subsidiary of Farmpharm Ltd. and a registered pharmacy in the UK.     They offer Caninsulin, all three  types of Insuvet, CP Pharmaceutical's Hypurin bovine lente and CP's bovine Protamine Zinc (PZI) insulins.  These are all classed as requiring a prescription from your vet.  Pet Drugs Quick ships only in the UK.  Syringes are also available from Pet Drugs Quick--both for U40 and U100 insulins. 
      Toll-free: 1-888-423-9444
      Fax toll-free: 1-888-423-7860


18.  Toronto based pet pharmacy, a division of Broadview Pharmacy of Toronto.  They offer Caninsulin and syringes as OTC (non-prescription)    purchases.  Until further notice, they are selling and shipping Caninsulin in Canada only. The U40 Caninsulin syringes which can be used with any U40 strength insulin are available to be sold in the US.
      U40 syringes


19.  Ulti Med Inc.
      287 East Sixth Street
      St. Paul, MN.   55101
      Toll-free-1-877-ULTIMED (858-4633)
      Fax: 651-291-7074
Ulti Med's Online Store.  Their Ulti Med U40 syringes are very similar to BD syringes.  Ulti Med only sells and ships within the US.


20.  California Veterinary Supply
       Toll-free: 1-800-366-3047
CalVet sells Ulti Care's U40 syringes also.  They will sell and ship to the US, Canada and the UK. 

Subject: Feline diabetes

My cat is a newly diagnosed diabetic. The most compatible insulin for  her is the pure beef insulin and I can't find it anywhere. Can you  help? My e-mail is . Thanks.

We also got this notice:

From: S.N. Houston [ ]

Sent: Monday, October 29, 2001 8:45 AM

To: Dave Groves



Just wanted to let you know that BCP Veterinary Pharmacy in Houston, TX has reformulated Eli Lilly's old Pure beef pzi insulin and has excellent results. It comes in U100, U50, U40. The price is really great and there is no minimum order. Insulin is sent in insulated containers with ice packs.

Phone: 713-771-1144
Toll Free: 800-481-1729
Fax: 713-771-1131
Toll Free Fax: 1-866-PET-CHEW (1-866-738-2439) 

Thank you,