This is an important and typical note from those who have participated in our poll. 


I cannot know who s/he is or reach him/her by email, I can only see what s/he has said.

Here is the text:

A visitor to your site has added text to your DW Direction pollGEAR.

Comment: I have had severe hypoglycemic reaction for the last 5 years and have been diabetic for 42 years. when I consult my physician they tell me that is a standard affect from insulin. Quote: anybody taking insulin is susceptible to hypoglycemia. What they do not realize Is that I no longer have the first signs of hypoglycemia and am tired of emergency care and auto accidents. The physicians I have seen do not realize how devastated this is It's ruining my life

Please tell me how you would reply and respond to this urgent plea! <click here>

Respectfully yours,

Dave Groves