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Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn's Original Blues Music For Sale

This purpose of this page is to list some original songs written by Doc that are offered for sale.

All lyrics and music will be sold in their entirety. You will own writers rights.

If you do not find what you are looking for perhaps you'd like for Doc to write a song just for you and or your occasion.

If you see or listen to anything that interests you or wish for Doc to write for you, get in touch so details and terms can be discussed.



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About Doc

With more than 56 years of playing his guitars and later in life writing songs Doc has world wide recognition for writing the happiest to the saddest songs that's aired on radio in more than 150 countries world wide.

Doc writes from deep within his heart and soul regardless if he is writing a sad, happy or comical song.

Listen to some of Doc's versatility below and if you find a track you must own or wish for Doc to write for you, please contact Bullet Hole Productions.

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Notice to music/song buyers: You deal with and pay the artist direct.
BHP only provides an avenue for Indie Artists to sell their owned music and songs.

 Funky Country Blues

 Big Red Rooster
 JLH Tribute

 Get A Clue Woman
 Size Fifteen Shoes

 Tattletale Eyes
 Back Home Blues

 One Shoe Blues
 So Damn Blue

  Coming - A Song For You  

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