Dear Bob Brady & Employees;

Approximately three weeks ago I was fueling my truck, (1997 Kenworth) across the street from your Decatur, Ill. Auto Mall and surprisingly found that a fuel line on my Cummins diesel engine was severely leaking diesel due to a crack. I suppose that several years of vibration without proper dampener devices being installed during manufacturing was the cause.

Being several hundred miles away from my home, (Paris, Texas), running on a tight schedule with the load in my trailer and knowing that having to call out a truck dealer for road repairs would be very costly in reference to time and money I immediately done a quick spin around to get an eye on my resources for repair parts so I could do the repair myself.

That's when I spotted your beautiful dealership!

I removed the cracked fuel line and started walking towards your beautiful Auto Mall Dealerships. As I was approaching I was thinking man, I am covered with diesel, look like I have been on the road for months, need a hair cut and a shave. Simply put folks, I was looking like a man on the bum.

I entered your service department (WOW!) and a fine gentleman, (cashier) ask me if I was looking for the parts department, I nodded and he opened the door for me and said he would take me there.

Once I was at the parts counter another fine young man, (tall & slender young man) said, "Can I help you Sir". Well . . . . . . .

I was so awed by the surroundings of your beautiful dealership that I'm sure I was mumbling but I managed to get out the fact that I was looking for a brass compression union to repair the broken fuel line I was holding in my hand.

The very courteous young man stated that he had no brass fittings on hand and that anything like it would have to be purchased from an outside source.

I asked that if he didn't mind could he contact that aforementioned outside source and have one (5/16 brass compression union) delivered to the dealership.  I explained my situation and he got right on the phone and ordered the part I was so desperate for.

While I was waiting for delivery of the ordered part I was wondering how in the dickens I was going to properly clean cut the fuel line so I could get the compression union to seal good and not give me anymore problems on my journey to deliver my load and then on to my own shop at home.

Normally I would have a tubing cutter with me but I knew I had last used it in my home shop and had failed to put it back in my truck tool box.

I asked another very courteous gentleman, (parts man, about 45 years of age) if he had a tubing cutter, explained the situation to him and he quickly responded with, "I'll go get one for you". He was back in just minutes and I feel he had to go borrow one from a technician in the shop.

I quickly dressed the fuel line to except the union and gave him the tubing cutter back and thanked him for the use of it.

The outside vender delivered the union and I paid at the cashier's counter, (under $5.00).

I was walking back to my truck still in sort of a daze on how well your staff made a bad situation for me such a pleasant situation for me when, I heard someone say, "Color Order Is Important". I knew exactly what the gentleman was saying and pretty much knew he must have been training a new sales person. I almost passed them by when I stopped and asked, "Are one of you gents Bob Brady". I wanted to properly thank you for having such a fine group of employees to help your customers and that's when Mr. Joe Wenskunas said, "No Sir, but may I help you" and handed me his card.

I explained to Joe that I was just wanting to thank you Bob for your staffs fine and courteous help. Joe said, "Well just mail Bob, he'd be glad to hear from you Sir.

So this is that mail Bob and again, Thank You Sir!!! You must be a man with a heart to be surrounded by such fine and courteous people.

Ya' Know Bob, back in time, somewhere between 1897 and 1903 the Dodge Brothers made it possible for Henry Ford, (FoMoCo), Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson, (Harley Davidson) to go into production and start sales in 1903 by helping them with their engine problems. That's right Bob. Had it not been for the kindness of the Dodge Brothers and their want to help, Fords and Harleys would have not been available for public purchase until later years.

Over 100 yeas later, your staff and you Bob, (Representing The Dodge Brothers) are still helping folks get down that road. It's just amazing to me Sir!!!!

Bob Brady - "A Man With A Heart"

You very much so live up to your ..........


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Thank You!

Now a little about me Sir, I may have looked like a bum that day but really, I am known world wide by my stage name, "MistaBluesman".

I have been a Blues musician since I was five years old, (fifty four years).

Like you folks, I sooth people's sadness!

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You have the most beautiful dealership and finest employees I have ever seen anywhere in my 4 million miles traveling our USA highways!

Always Your Friend,

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn

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