Friends With A Heart


I Love Friends With A Heart
Friends That Are Not Ashamed To Cry
I Love Friends That Will Fight For Their Rights
Friends That are Not Afraid To Die

I Love Friends That Offer Their Hand
When They See Another Friend's Luck Run Bad
I Love Friends That Will Share In The Sorrows
When They See Another Friend's Life Sad

Now That's The Kind Of Friend I'd Like To Be
And I Hope It's Not Too Late To Start
Because, I Love Friends Just Like  . . . 

"The Cliff Houck Family"

I Love Friends With A Heart !


Dear Cliff, Tina & Family;

My Father Buddy Quinn wrote the above message years ago and even though as he used to tell people "I'm just a truck driver" I still, to this day, just like I did when I was a kid, think he was among the most thoughtful, thankful and loving people of all time.

I am so proud to tell you that I am his clone and that it's Friends (Family) like all of you that makes life so meaningful and pleasant regardless of the hurt that sometimes falls upon all of us.

I always loved everything my Father wrote but didn't always understand how he must have been feeling or what he was thinking when he did write. Well . . . .

I definitely now know why he wrote the above!

Surely at sometime in his life a Friend (s) such as all of you, etched their (never to be removed) mark of true Friendship and Love on his heart like all of you have etched on our hearts. He was such a good man that he was compelled to write how he felt about his Friends and "That He Done".

I'm not as wise as My Father by no means but we know Love and Friendship when we see it and when it makes it's mark on our hearts so, with that said . . . . .

It's With Our Utmost Loyalty And Love For The Entire Cliff Houck Family That We Say, The Lord As Our Witness . .

Thank You For All You Have Done For Us, For Your Love And For . . . "Being Our Friends".

The Doc Quinn Family

Date: March 18, 2008