Wow man, I had this dream that I was leaning against the Sirius Satellite Radio Stage at Eric Clapton's CrossRoads Festival in Dallas, Texas, with-in arms reach of Honey Boy Edwards and Robert Lockwood Jr, as they wailed away at their guitars and sang some of the most down to earth old Delta songs I have ever heard when, I heard someone call out...."Mistabluesman". I looked around for the caller and who was it but.... Da' Man himself, Pat St.John of Sirius Blues Radio (Channel 29) whom also heads up The Vault (Channel 16) of Sirius Satellite Radio. Wow man, I thought, this heavy duty cat knows who in the hell I am, Wow, now that's a good thing right! As I reached over to shake Pat's hand I figured I'd wake up and only have the memory of the dream but, to my surprise, we shook! Wow man, this is all real and yes my friends, it was all very real! Pat and I stood there and listened to these two 89 year old blues artists (Honey Boy Edwards and Robert Lockwood Jr) show us what the real blues was and what the real blues still is! A memory of  that is now in my chest of treasured memories forever!

The entire festival was just fricken killer and with Pat St.John at the mic at the Sirius Stage and the Cotton Bowl stage it just kept getting better and better. Hey, at one point I saw, EC, Jimmie Vaughan, Herbert Sumlin, Buddy Guy and Robert Cray all playing LEAD guitar at the same time man, now how damn cool is that!  It was killer! Man, just everybody was there!

I was interviewed by Pat St.John of Sirius Satellite Radio and that made me feel pretty damn good now, I must say! I have went up two hat sizes. I also was able to meet Dave Mac, Pat St.John's sidekick!

The grand finale on Sunday was so fricken great that even BB King said to the crowd that he thought his last visit to Sweden was the highlight in his career until he got on stage at the festival with the wildest ass bluesmen you ever saw perform live and BB then said but, these cats are HOT and this is without a doubt the highlight of my career. Now for the man himself to say that the grand finale at the main stage (Cotton Bowl) was the highlight of his career there is no more need for me to try and explain how damn good the entire festival was.  I was unable to attend all of Sundays main stage goin' ons', but you can bet your ass, that I listened to all of the remaining show on my Sirius Satellite Radio. Try Sirius Satellite Radio free for three days and see if you don't fall in love with it! Sirius RAWKS!  BUT LISTEN REAL CLOSE HERE OK! Be cool and smooth about it and sign up for your free three days of  Sirius Satellite Radio this weekend (June 12 & 13, 2004) and on Sunday the 13th  you will get to hear Sundays Cotton Bowl Blues Jam along with Pat St.John on Sirius Blues 29. Just go here and click on Listen at the top of the page and then sign up as a guest. Sirius will mail you back your password and you are on your way to the finest blues jam you have ever listened to. Once you experience Sirius Satellite Radio you won't be able to go anywhere without it!  Plus, check this out, SIRIUS expands its subscriber base by offering satellite radio channels through DISH Network! 

6/13/04 - SPECIAL NOTE:   Pat St.John of Sirius Satellite Radio (Sirius Blues 29) has just e-mailed me the following.. "Problem with the re-broadcast, it won't happen today unfortunately. It should happen within the next few weeks. My Best, Pat" - So there you have it folks, ok!  I will leave the link on my homepage so you can keep an eye open for when the broadcast is going to take place. If you don't already have Sirius Satellite Radio you should look into getting it, (links on this page). Also, you can now get Sirius Satellite Radio on DISH NETWORK, channel 6029 - Go for it man, trust Mistabluesman, you're gonna' love it! I'm fricken hooked  :-)

What a bluesman Eric Clapton is, not just his blues talents but his heart. To put on a show like this for folks that need help at  Crossroads Centre at Antigua proves to me that he is anything but selfish and/or greedy. He's just a down to earth blues musician that like all musicians, has a big heart and love for people as well as music! I don't want to forget to say that, all the artists that performed at the festival done so in contribution to EC's request and endeavor to further help  Crossroads Centre at Antigua 

One last thing before I have to go pick up my truck at the $$$$$Truck repair shop$$$$$! If you haven't already seen and/or listened to this cat I suggest that you take a peek Robert Randolph You're going to love what this cat can do. He blew me smooth away with his blues steel guitar playing!

Well, I guess I have one more last thing to fill you in on. The Guitar Center Guitarmageddon (Worlds Best Armature Guitarist) finals were held Sat. and the winner out of the six finalist was the only one playing an acoustical guitar. His  name is Michael Kelsey. Man, you have never seen nothing like this cat! He simply blew everyone away with his absolute phenomenal ability to wring every drip, ounce, squeak, pop, note of music out of his guitar! It's like he had 15 hands. Go check this cat out. I may never pick up my acoustical guitar again!

Here is the whole enchilada  Click Here

Yes, it was really happenin' man! Mistabluesman knows, cause, I was there!



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