Doc Quinn's - Digital Press Kit - (DPK)
Doc Mistabluesman Quinn
Blues / Blues / Blues

Sounds Like: A little of all Blues artists but I most definitely have a style of my own. I want to be known & remembered for "My Sound".

Record Label: Open For Discussion



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I appreciate your interest in viewing my Digital Press Kit (DPK).

About: Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn - Paris, Texas

My name is Doc Quinn (Mistabluesman) and I have been on the guitar frets for over fifty two years now !

I perform an acoustic and/or electric mix of Blues and Country Blues.

I work hard at trying to accomplish goals I have to make this world a better place before I leave it. I treat as many folks with kindness as I possibly can.

I'm a God loving person that has a real soft spot in my heart for Children and the Elderly".

I play my guitar and live my everyday from the heart !

Thank You To All Who Have Helped Promote My Music !

Contact me by phone 903 784 7942

Thank You,

Doc Quinn

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Albert King, Lowell Fulson, Lighting Sam Hopkins, T Bone Walker and many, many more ...



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