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"Back Home Blues"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Back Home Blues" - Mistabluesman loves his baby's wiggle when she walks but he sorta' gets mad and walk's out the door. Problem is, he has no place to go! He meets up with some other baby doll and it scares the hell out of him so, he does the spin around and sings his Blues on back.

"One Shoe Blues"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"One Shoe Blues" - A little story about the day I woke up with a hangover, (long time ago, I don't drink these days, lol) and couldn't find but one of my shoes. Had a lot going on that day and had a hell of a party the night before.

Coming Next: Look out for the 1750 mile blue berry muffin! There is a story about this lil' Blues song that will smoke your hat! Title of this upcoming track is "Blue Berry Muffin Blues".

"So Damn Blue"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"So Damn Blue" - Ya' know Man, it's a bad thing to feel blue but when your sad and blue it makes feeling blue "So Damn Blue". I wrote these lyrics last year (2005) and I just love them. The jam and the lyrics glow with our blues heritage. This track leans heavily on the styles of living Blues legends and Blues legends that have passed on. Sort of a Doc Pomus type song (Lonely Avenue) with a BB King - (The Thrill Is Gone) and a Albert King - (Play My Blues For You) track.  I play an Albert King style guitar lick. Can ya' hear that? All three, Doc, BB and Albert are at the top on my blues heroes list. I hope you enjoy the song.

"Funky Country Blues"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Funky Country Blues" - On this jam is what one should expect when a Bluesman such as myself gets down and funky. I took a lil' Blues, a whole lota soul and threw in some Country lyrics - Whammo! - "Funky Country Blues". I originally wrote this to be pure Country but with my roots stemming Country Gospel with a tad of deep south black gospel blues I guess I couldn't help but to record it as you hear it. I hope you enjoy the piece as much as I did preparing and playing it for you!

"Size Fifteen Shoes"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Size Fifteen Shoes" - Mistabluesman is out walkin' again, wearin' out these size fifteen shoes. These dang women just always givin' me da' blues. One take, guitar and vocal, just as a live performance! It was fun. In set in my mind that I was in a lil' jook (Ground Zero Club) in Clarksdale, Mississippi, setting there playing for a room full of friends and you know who the friends were that I pictured in my mind, it was "Ya' All".

"Road House"
Artists: Cliff Houck & Doc Quinn - Writer: Cliff Houck

 "Road House" - A live concert like jam with Cliff "Big Red Blues Dawg" Houck - (Slideman) and I on stage performing Cliff's kick butt blues rocker "Road House". This collaboration was so much fun that at times I can almost see us on stage playing it, crazy huh! The effect of the concert seems so real. See what you think when you listen to the jam.

"Freddie's Blues"
Artists: Doc & The Rest Of The Blues AllStars - The Nashville Sessions - Writer: Doc Quinn

"Freddie's Blues" - This instrumental was written by Freddie Thomas and I (Doc Quinn) back in 1973. Freddie and I played the wheels off of this tune for several years but, here it is at its best. Recorded by the Blues AllStars - The Nashville Sessions in Sept. of 2002 at the Kitty Wells Museum and Studio (Junction Recording Studio) Nashville, TN. I am kicking this tune off playing rhythm on my Fender Strat guitar. Bob Huston is playing second rhythm guitar and Bill House lays the bass guitar in there with us. tj Gere added the backup keys while Mike "Ironman" Curtis blessed the tune with his killer harmonica. The guitar lead (as if you couldn't tell) was so nicely played by the one and only Matt Thorpe. It took this tune 29 years from it's birth to make it into the studio. Sound Tech. Jasper Mills. Expertly produced by Matt Thorpe. The rest of the Blues AllStars (The Nashville Session) that were in attendence and on several of the other jams that were recorded during the session are, Kevin Paul (Stik), Scott Durflinger, Paul Cummins, Larry MeGill. This recording of Freddie's Blues is the best recording you will ever hear this classy blues instrumental played and by none less than some of the best bluesmen that ever walked the face of our earth. Thank you my blues brothers and dear friends! Compo 10 Winner for week 139 - Compo 10.

"Hot To Trot"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Hot To Trot" - On this Blues Rocker I play my 1991 USA Fender Strat. This lil' jam has rocked the charts all over the internet and gets no less than 600 to 800 plays on any given day! When I recorded the lead guitar on this jam I had my eyes closed and was just wondering about my studio. I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys sharing a keg of beer writing and recording this jam.  I hope you like the tune!

"I'm Down, Down, Down"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"I'm Down, Down, Down" - On this down and out Blues instrumental I sound out with my guitar just exactly how my soul and heart are feeling. I know not why a person gets these down and out moods but, I do know, it's, Da' Blues! Maria Daines Said: "A down down down song that makes you feel so good!! I wonder why that is!! Yes it really is cool with some great touches all over, ripples along under its own glorious essence and the sound is vibrant & pure. Ace playing & a great listen". Cliff Houck Said:  How Sweet it is! Every time I think I've heard your best, you come up with something even better! Very nice, Doc! Lovin' the "Blues Groove" & the licks from the soul. Man, I can't stand it, I gotta' pick up my ax and jam along! Thanx for sharin', Doc, Great tune, Your Blues Bud, Dawg.

"Lois Mae Boogie"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Lois Mae Boogie" - For some time now, I have been wanting to and working on writing a boogie for my Mother, Lois Mae. A dear and long time friend of mine, "Willie "Pinetop" Perkins" came out with his "New Boogie Woogie - Click To Listen" and for sure his boogie gots my blood runnin'. So, while my blood is in such good fast forward flow and all backing tracks are done, here's that boogie for my Mom. This boogie is appropriately named "Lois Mae Boogie". My mother has from day one loved me and supported my music and I love her as much if not more than any mom in this world could ever be loved by her son! I love you very much Mom and this Boogie's for you!

Note: When Willie Perkins (once a guitar player himself) listened to my boogie over the phone the night I finished it he said, "Hell white boy (they all used to call me lil' white boy, I think Eugene Powell gave me that name around 59/60, he was a friend of my Father), I can do that" and then he laughed his butt off! He said, he liked my Lowell Fulson style better. Ya' gotta' love Willie or he'll sound offensive to ya'. That's just Wilie! This tune will be included in my new upcoming CD.

"Danny The Sandman"
Artist: Doc Quinn - Writer: Buddy Quinn

"Danny The Sandman"  - This was written as a poem by my Father Buddy Quinn in 1965, that's 40 year ago. The original title is Danny Boy! I have always loved this poem and for years have heard it in my head as I have recorded it. I list this track for your listening pleasures and hope you enjoy it. All music on this track was played by me on my Washburn unplugged acoustic guitar. Six different guitar tracks! No drums, no bass, no electronics, just raw down to earth playin' from the heart. This tune will be included in my new upcoming CD, "Me & Mr. Quinn".

Artist: Doc Quinn - Writer: Buddy Quinn

"Silence" - My Father (Buddy Quinn - That's him in the photo on the left) wrote "Silence" back in 1973. Until his dying day he claimed that "Silence" was his best write. He wrote well over 200 pieces of music and poems, plus a book (Savage Guns). He had me promise that I would have Silence put on his headstone and that was done.

Wrote by the Father and recorded thirty two years later by the son. Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed a few moments of "Silence".

"My Hurt For Natalee"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"My Hurt For Natalee" - (Blues/Reggae/??) - It's no secret that I am a soft hearted whatever folks want to call me and with that said, I'll share this out of the ordinary for me jam that I found in my heart that I reckon stems from my hurting for Natalee Holloway and her family. Consist of a lil' B3, Elec. Pads, Block, Wah Ped, Crybaby Ped, Fender Strat, Fender acoustic bass, Les Paul Special, Ampeg Reverb Rocket (Tube) and a Washburn acoustic guitar for the lead mic'd thru a Line6 Pod (setting 6A). Mark Hewer Said: "Great production! Reggae paradise here. Jammin' mon! Nice guitar work and the beat grooves. Thumbs up!"

"Get A Clue Woman"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Get A Clue Woman" - Well what can I say, She lied, she cheated, now she's history and can't come back! She looks better leaving than she ever did coming anyways! This little holler is a thing I wrote and recorded to a Jasper Mills backing track. I hope you like it!

"Laid Way Back"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Laid Way Back"  This is just as it's title says. I wrote, recorded and uploaded this tune while laid way back one evening. It's just a little laid back jam that expresses a mood I get into sometimes, I don't know why but, I guess that's what the blues is all about, right! I hope you like it as much as I like playing it for you.

"The Hazman"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"The Hazman"  - This is a lil' thing I wrote back when I owned an environmental clean up business. I wound up giving the company to my kids. You'll notice my efforts to make the lead guitar sound grungy, funky, ugly, mucky, dirty, dingy, greasy and mean so you the listener can get somewhat of a feel for the upset stomach way this cat (The Hazman) can make you feel. Hope you like the Lil' "THANG"!!

"Whata' Fool"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Whata' Fool"  - With a $12.50 Blue Stella Guitar and a cheap ass microphone, ($8.29), I set out to do this authentic blues holler on my acid program to exercise a lesson I received from Matt Thorpe. The tune/song/croon/holler is stereo and pans back and forth and really shows how well the Acid panning tools work. I dedicate this song to Matt Thorpe for his patience with me. Please visit my good friend Matt Thorpe for some of the best damn blues guitar there is anywhere, net or live!

"Feeling Just Right"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Feeling Just Right"  - This little number is fun to play and has me feeling just right! I dedicate this tune to Jasper Mills for his time spent with me in teaching me about the Sound Forge program.

"Harley D Cadillacin"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Harley D Cadillacin"  - This is a crazy thing I wrote using my 1951 Harley Davidson panhead for the percussions, (that's my daughter "Debo" on the scoot). Yes, I had my scooter in my studio. Believe me, it was a rush and I had a kick ass time doing the jam. I dedicate this tune to my scooter brothers and all clubs everywhere. To mention a few names, DJ, my son. Doyle, my Grandson. Eric, my son-in-law. My brother Big Dave B. and the Hard Riders in Cabot, Arkansas - in-house pub included, brother Benny and his gang out west. Wild Bill T. (Grubby) of No. Ca., Darin S., the ol' man Mack S. also in the west. Rick A. of American Thunder, Tulare, Ca., Jessie James and the gang at West Coast Choppers and the rest of the best kick startin', throttle twisten', hooter pinchin', greasy fingered brothers throughout the world a scooter brother could ever have. This jam is for ya'll man, play the wheels off of it! Your brother in the wind!

"Tattletale Eyes"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Tattletale Eyes"  - Song about how my Lover girl's eyes tell me what she is thinking without her having to say a single word! I think all women have "Tattletale Eyes". As you will be able to hear, what I done here was drag out my Washburn acoustic guitar and then drug the mic. stand over to a chair, sit down and belted out this tune as I played along with it (one take, that's the way I like them). All raw bones down to earth guitar molestation and raw vocal. It's still one of my most favorites. Hope you like it and can dig it!

"Go Hard & Aim High"
Artist/Writer: Doc Quinn

"Go Hard & Aim High"  - is an on the gas instrumental with full throttle around the corners. I am playing a non-amplified acoustic Washburn guitar here and the louder you play it the better it gets. Can ya' dig it? I put this jam together in memory of my father "Buddy Quinn" (he loved to hear me play fast acoustic guitar). My Father would always tell me to "Go Hard & Aim High" no matter what my endeavor was. I still to this day at times hear him saying "Go Hard & Aim High" to me!

"Big Red Rooster"
Artists: Doc Quinn, Gary D. Ward & Cliff Houck - Writer: Doc Quinn

"Big Red Rooster" - In tribute to the great legendary Texas Bluesman (Mr. Lighting "Sam" Hopkins) I wanted to do a blues jam that would express all blues peoples appreciation for all that Sam done for the blues peoples in what was the future to him, that's us! So, with that said and the help of  Gary Ward (1st lead guitar) and Cliff Houck (2nd lead slide guitar) we recorded "Tim Moore's Big Red Rooster".

"Call It Stormy Monday"
Artist: Doc Quinn - Writer: T Bone Walker

"Call It Stormy Monday" - It's a known fact that T. Bone Walker's "Stormy Monday" has been recorded by more blues artists than any other blues song there ever was. Mr. T. Bone Walker, (Texas Legendary Bluesman) was among the first blues artists to bring the electric guitar to the recording studio. I have heard just about all of the "Stormy Monday" recordings over the past 30 years and just love them all. I think my most favorite track is BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan but, I do love them all. I hope you enjoy my version. Thanks, Doc

"Stone's Throw From Hell"
Artists: Cliff Houck & Doc Quinn - Writer: Doc Quinn

"Stone's Throw From Hell" - This tune/song is a collaboration effort between myself and Mr. Cliff Houck. This song was written by me and inspired by and is dedicated to James Towner & Veronica Evans. I gave the song to Cliff Houck in appreciation for all his efforts! Song Notes: Click Here!

"My Baby Left Me Walkin"
Artists: Doc & The Rest Of The Blues AllStars - The Nashville Sessions - Writer: Doc Quinn

"Baby Left Me Walkin" - I started writing this song one day while on the road in my big truck and finished it at the studio as we recorded it during The Nashville Sessions. Sunday morning was a feeling of real true blues for those of us left behind. Almost half the jammin' bunch had to pack up and fly out first thing. So we said our goodbyes with tears and hugs then headed back into the studio. Stik and I were setting up to do this sweet blues number. Players are as follows: Doc "Mistabluesman" Quinn Sings Vocal, Kevin "Stik" Paul (1st Lead Guitar & Rhythm), Scott "Lockingnut" Durflinger (2nd Lead Guitar) and John "Jasper Mills" Cohmer (Bass Guitar). Matt Thorpe (Closing Tag - Lead Guitar) Produced by Matt Thorpe. Other blues artists that attended The Nashville Sessions are.. Mike "Ironman" Curtis, tj gere, Bill House, Paul Cummins -(Hookman), Larry MeGill - (Tater), Bob Huston - (tooncat). It was a ton of fun and a total blast!

Doc @ Six Years Old - 1955

Doc Quinn - 1955

Doc in 2005 - Photo credit - Mike Zee

Doc Quinn - 2005

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