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I retired from the environmental industry in 1995 but, after receiving some costing invoices that were sent to me for review I can not help but to come back once again in efforts to see if I help business's address their environmental issues in a more cost effective manner.

Some of the services I have seen at remedial sites lately have been way out of line and absolutely over budgeted by environmental testing and clean-up companies.

There are many ways to address environmental situations and they all have varying costs. I have lately seen $100,000.00 projects in operation that should have been addressed for less than $10,000.00 to the site owners.

I have conducted many different types of environmental services for the likes of fortune 500 companies like, CCE, (Coca Cola Enterprises), AT & SF (Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway), VWR, (Van Waters & Rodgers), LAX, (Los Angeles International Airport) and Dupont Chemical to just mention a few and believe me when I tell you, I know how to keep cost down or I would have never have been awarded those projects.

I designed and constructed many complete fueling facilities, (truck fuel islands) for CCE nationwide. I gave CCE thirty year warranties on the UST's, (underground storage tanks) and installations. A contractor can not do that if he/she is providing superficial installations.

I stopped a one million dollar fine for non compliance environmental issue levied against a fortune 500 company by meeting with the regulators governing the jurisdiction.

My expertise in the environmental industry is not for every business but for those who do need my knowledge and stern manner of working with regulatory agencies, I am now once again, available!

Call me if you need help with the following services...

 . Integrity testing of UST's, (Underground Fuel Storage Tanks).

 . Up-dating all fueling equipment to comply with current Federal, State, County and local

 . Removal and installation of UST's. (Doc's nationwide excepted thirty year warranted design of
   underground UST's and fueling facilities).

 . UST installations as well as aboveground fueling facilities.

 . Obtaining soil/water samples for analysis to determine extent of  contamination if needed.

 . Working with and satisfying regulatory agencies on your environmental situation.

 . Submittal of a cost effective for you plan to regulating agencies.

 .  Site assessments, project planning, generation of project plans for regulators, on-going reports
    to regulators and final reports to regulators to satisfy a completed project.

In the event you have a need for expertise underground/aboveground fuel related consulting and/or site walks, site assessments or just feel that you need to speak with me, you can contact me via my cell phone or E-mail.

 . Cell  903 272 6959

 . E-mail Doc - Click Here.

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