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Not even a UST - Rail tank - Removed by Doc Quinn in 1989

Fuel Management Consultants (FMC) based in Blossom, Texas provides consulting to liable parties for owned, leased or rented underground fuel storage tanks (UST) and aboveground fuel storage tanks (AST).

FMC provides regional consultation personal for immediate response to emergency situations 24/7 that will take charge of any UST/AST situation while complying with all federal, state and local regulating agencies/authorities as well as provide UST consultation for non emergency needs.

Mr. Doc Quinn - DOS, (Director Of Services) of FMC began consulting, testing, designing and installing complete fuel/chemical UST & AST systems for fortune 500 companies in 1984. To make mention of a few, Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE - Nationwide), AT&SF (California), LAX (Los Angeles, CA), Van Waters & Rodgers (Los Angeles, CA) and many more.

Mr. Quinn has been hands on involved with some of our nations largest contamination clean ups to the smallest of contamination clean ups and knows well the impact to the environment as well the financial impact to the end user liable for the process.

While living in the western region of the United States Mr. Quinn was able to grow with the in and outs of the UST requirements, regulations as they developed/changed, worked with and complied with the most stringent regulating agencies and authorities in our nation to assure complete compliance for UST owners at minimal cost.

Currently living in North East Texas Mr. Quinn directs FMC with more than 25 years of first hand, hands on UST and AST Fuel Management Knowledge.

FMC is not solely out to better our earth's environment, FMC is as well out to lessen the cost of UST/AST management for UST/AST owners, leasers, renters and end users, (liable parties).

It is the strong recommendation of Mr. Quinn that when possible all UST replacements as well as new fuel storage installations be a ConVault AST (Above Ground Storage Tank) System. Mr. Quinn states "Why rely on underground testing and monitoring systems when a daily visual inspection assures your compliance, financial responsibilities and security."

Think Aboveground - Think ConVault

Property Acquisition/Transfer Phase 1 Site Assessment

It's Simple

Some UST's leak

Some UST's Don't

Lets Test All Of Them

Lets Clean Up If Necessary

Lets Up Grade The UST

Lets Get In Compliance

Lets Better Our Earth

Lets Save Lives

I guarantee you that I (Doc Quinn) will diligently provide guidance if necessary as to what Federal, State and Local assistance funds are available to you in the unwanted event of site contamination. I have vast knowledge of fund programs available.

I will stand for nothing less than you obtaining a fair shake if complying with federal, state and local EPA, NFPA, Environmental Health, Water Resources, fuel management regulations and requirements. That's My Job!

Doc Quinn
Director - FMC

Ph - 903-900-3401

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