Don Oden & Donna

Here's A Lil' Fun Fo' Ya'


First off let me introduce myself to the woman! Hi Donna, I'm Doc Quinn and I have been knowing your man since dirt! There, now we gots that outa' the way!

Ok, now for some pictures!

I want you to know that this is my third time today I have made a page for you two. Twice already the power going out has wiped out pages that I had damn near completed.

Doc "MistaBluesman" Quinn Back in Black

The Guitar is my 1991 Fender Natural Stratocaster, USA made.
DJ (my son)  bought it for me in 2001.
It is flawless and I love it so much.
 Her name is, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.
 - 2005 Photo -

Click The Photo & Listen To Her Talk To Ya'. Crank Up The Volume Man!

Now, below is the Ampeg amp  he bought for me to play this Fender thru!
But, as you can see, I am playing my Gibson Les Paul Special here!

More about my Les Paul - Click Here!

Click Photo to hear "Lois Mae Boogie" that I wrote and recorded for my Mom!

JD & I about two months ago!

Jen & Toxic
(She's Jen, I'm Toxic)
I hear you laughing at me Don ! !
(2007 Photo)

Hi Don & Donna!

This electric acoustic guitar above is my John Lennon Signature Epiphone!
Click The Photo To Listen To Her. Her Name Is, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!
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Trivia Time

You better get this right Don !!!

I know you know who the cat in the middle is, don't you Don?

Where am I at and who is the dude in the middle?

Hint - Al Jr. won and his dad came in 2nd.


My Mom's Epiphone guitar - 1955

Shit man, can you believe this is me in 1955, smoking at that.

My Dad put that smoke in my mouth so it would be like the famous
photo of  Robert Johnson with a smoke. So it's only appropriate
that I link RJ's Cross Road Blues to this photo. Click it to listen!

See how much Robert Johnson and I look alike ...

One of only two photos known of da' man!


Funny as shit - Click Here!

Even Funnier - Click Here!

On My Dobro justa' slippin' & sliddin' my Blues at them thru my Ampeg Amp!

See the mic dropped down at the guitar for LOUDNESS BABY!

I didn't even charge my Family for this show. lol
Five non stop hours of ever damn thing I know how to play!

Had my foot on a damn piece of fire wood, lol!

Click The Photo To Hear My "Freddies Blues"

Wrote by Freddie Thomas and I. Remember Freddie Don? Brads & Larry's Brother!

Loading my A Bone for my Nashville Or Bust Tour in 1994


Ready To Head Out ...

I had a blast. Gone 42 days and went 6,600 miles.

Try that in an all original 24 hp fricken 1929 Ford Pick up! Be sure to take your tools, lots of water and tire patch kit!

I have breakdown stories that will hurt your bellies from laughing so fricken hard.

Oh, a lil' extra green leaf smoke would as well be a blessing, trust me!

Well, I am looking for the photos of my guitar cabinets and when I find them, I will add them to this page for you but, until then, I must put this page on the net and get my ass to work. Headed out to Sac., Ca. this am 09/29/07

Last ditch effort I ran across maybe a photo of my cabinets, Click Here!

My Cell - 903 272 69anytime, no, no that ain't right, it's 903 272 6959

Love You Cats!


Page built special for Don & Donna somewhere in God's country, Oregon (eight miles off the big road).